I’ll take the Bus !

The 1st of November is going to be observed as Pune Bus Day. We, Setu Advertising along with the Sakal Times (who generated the idea) are on our toes to bring forth a change that Pune has been yearning for. That change is “Traffic reduction & emptier roads”. Image

Pune Bus Day is being promoted with immense vigor throughout the city. This responsibility of promoting and advertising ‘Pune Bus Day’ rests on the able shoulders of Setu Advertising. In order to ensure active and positive participation of the people all over the city, we, the Setu Team have decided to tap various media. Right from mediums such as: TV, Radio Ads, Newspaper Ads/Editorials, Hoardings, Banners, Mailers, Celebrity branding and promotion, Digital i.e. Facebook and the Website are in full swing with over thousands of Likes already.

Merchandise such as paper caps, car stickers, t-shirts, Gandhi caps, batches, I-cards etc. will also be distributed all over. A few buses will be wrapped with the branding of Pune Bus Day so that we keep reminding the public of the arrival of 1st of November!

The tonality of our communication is based on the lines of “I’m the change”. Aggressive, determined, provoking and heart-wrenching copy (write-up) is expected to do the waking-up of the masses. Also, “I’ll take the bus” is a phenomenon that is part of everyone’s routine life. Hence, by trending this statement, we wish to reach out to the masses in a simpler way. We’re also attaching the Sakal Social Foundation to the movement, by gathering donation for new buses that are going to be introduced.

As of now, thanks to the aggressive promoting approach, many a citizens such as rotary clubs, schools, colleges, political parties, union leaders groups, corporate, IT companies etc have voiced their support on the 1st of November.

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