The Great Indian Festival Circus!

Pune Diwali Fest (PDF), a Sakal initiative, first came into public existence 3 years ago. Since then, PDF has retained its place in the hearts of the people with its entertainment and shopping quotients.

Every year since its inception, the responsibility of promoting and advertising PDF as a Diwali event has been in the hands of Setu Advertising. Setu’s role under the PDF banner is conceptualization of the theme and its execution. The previous PDF’s witnessed themes with illustrations of contemporary style in 2009, Madhubani style in 2010 and Shivkaashi style in 2011! For 2012, we choose an exaggerated comic style of illustrations.

Have a look at the previously done creatives…


2012 – Diwali CircusLet’s reason out with the theme this year.

The scenario in every home before Diwali is that of pandemonium and chaos. In short, Circus! Running around to make purchases, shopping for clothes, arranging festive sweets, other extra-curricular Diwali preparations; in addition, the routine chores of the home too! Amongst all of this, a Circus with confusion is born! Hence, it seemed only perfect to depict these state-of-affairs via hand-made illustrations, slightly exaggerated for the humour angle.

Bright colours, Circus elements, Diwali back-drop & exaggerated situations came together to make the PDF Creatives for 2012. Apart from visually grabbing attention via the theme, Setu also co-ordinates the designing of the arches, POPs, coupon boxes & set of coupons for the many stores associated with The Pune Diwali Fest, like every year.

Thus, Pune Diwali Fest reaches out to the festive laden hearts of Punekars far and wide, in the city. No matter the Diwali madness, PDF always brings a smile on the faces of the store-owners associated with PDF and the people participating too!


Shall soon be posting the making of “The Great Indian Festival Circus” , along with the entire series of comic situations! Keep your eyes glued on to this space !



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