PBD is through !

So….as our last post on Pune Bus Day (PBD) mentioned, the event was definitely on a swing. A lot of public support was garnered, in forms of rotary clubs, schools, IT institutions, colleges, corporate organizations, union of workers, bus drivers, women’s cell etc. All of them made this day count.

What did Setu do, if you may ask so?

Setu enjoyed every moment of watching its promotion and marketing picking momentum all around. The bus banners, the caps, the T-shirts for ‘Men’s Avenue’, the badges and the paper flags were very well appreciated. If the whole of Pune (or at least that’s what we hoped for) was going to travel by bus on the 1st of November, then wouldn’t it be unethical and unfair on Setu’s part to unfollow it?

Of course it would be. So, exactly a day prior to PBD, adhering to the HR mail, each of us ensured that we travelled by bus the next day. And guess what? We did! Image


Setuites travelled by bus and proudly displayed their tickets. The morning air at Setu advertising was filled only with Pune Bus Day excitement. Yes, we were hyper-reacting. But why wouldn’t we? We began its inception from scratch, the logo, the campaign, the tag line “I’ll take the bus”; we were attached to it.

Moreover, some of our colleagues travelled across certain marked Pune bus stops and clicked memorable pictures. It was overwhelming to actually watch PBD volunteers sweltering throughout the day on various bus stands and guiding travellers with bus routes and bus numbers.  

To add to this excitement, Setuites rode the bus as a group in the evening. Yes, 25 people riding the bus from one stop to the other and back, to show support and of course to get some other necessary jobs done. Chai and Coffee happened post the thrilling bus ride. What mattered was, we were all in it, together.


Now that this momentous day is done, its effects still ripple. Bus unions, PMPML has begun its process of arranging for extra buses, repairing old ones, revamping bus stops and crafting new routes. This day will be a reality soon! And Setu is in the wing.

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