Diwali Sets-in!

Diwali went away in a swoosh. But we still have some time till the ‘Tulshicha Lagna’ happens.

Diwali, one of the most widely celebrated festivals. For some it’s a vacation & family gathering & for some it’s about new attires and mouth-watering sweets.
Setu also has its own definition of Diwali, it’s called unwinding, bonding and celebrating.

Setu’s 9th November arrives!

Just like every year, the ‘Setu Diwali Party 2012’ was awaited with great curiosity. Setu office was divided between; the ones competing with client deadlines and the ones striving to make the Diwali event a success. Little did they know, these efforts would fantastically pay off on the 9th of November!

Now, the day had arrived; it was a real mad rush with equal excitement of the party and holidays jumbled! The women discussing the ‘what-to-wear’ to the men discussing the ‘drinks menu & dance numbers’; the enthusiasm was upbeat, until the hour arrived.

The Venue : The venue was besotted with an imaginative golden aura! The backdrop appeared colourfully jagged! Entering the venue assured each person of a groovy time! ImageSetuites joined in with their respective spouses, the children added to the chitter-chatter, smiling faces, decked up attire, eyes rolling at the starters and the music had just begun taking a rise.

The tattoo corner was immediately spotted by most and there began, Setu’s most awaited Diwali Party 2012.

The Compere began the evening with a tongue-twister as an ice-breaker thereafter catching up with the rest of the crowd. It was hilarious to watch shy as well as witty contestants battling it out in the spouse & group games. As the evening took speed, drinks and starters were served, so that the crowd is refreshed for the surprise in store.

The surprise element was a ‘Setu Annual Awards’ video created by the digital team. The awardee tags were worthy of an epic troll. The ambiance was now set to fun, laughter, delight and thrill.

With all the hustle-bustle, the kids were definitely making their presence felt. Be it the jumpy games, the solo dance performances or their parents running around them!Image
Yes! These were the Setu kids.

ImageThe most awaited expressionless dance performance created a laugh riot. Fortunately, the 3 day effort was well appreciated by the audience. Relief!






That One Memorable Evening

No matter what, there was no way that anyone could kill the Diwali Aura in that banquet hall. Group dances, kid’s performances, the entire Setu Office Kodak moment, random picture clicking sessions and gifts. It did make up for the stress that work logged on each of us!

The evening ended with dinner and some parting photographs being shared. In fact, the on-the-spot Polaroid photo developing concept was a hit. Every Setuite carried a photo-copy moment back home.
A smile was shared. A day was lived!


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