Setu begins its New Year by asking “Are you a true Punekar?”

FInal DSC_0084_3finalSakal, Pune’s most read Marathi publication, celebrates its Pune Edition Anniversary on the 1st of January every year. Being deep rooted with Pune and its values, Sakal had thus become an integral part of the life of Punekars. Advertisers and organizations commemorate this day by offering Pune centric advertisements to Sakal in large numbers. The content of this particular edition mainly talks about the growth and evolution of Pune as a city and this has been carried forward as a traditional practice, every year.

Although, this year, we decided to take a leap. Setu Advertising devised a strategy to generate engaging content for new and young Punekars, positioning Sakal as ‘Khara Punekar’ (True Puneite). An attempt at ensuring interactive activity for every family in Pune, “Khara Punekar” also aimed to update their knowledge about various important aspects of the city.

A set of approximately 150 questions were filtered, which went on to make the 16 page print feature covering segments such as History, Food, Infrastructure, Education and more. The assortment of questions was thoroughly maintained by incorporating the Past – The Present and The Future of Pune city. Image

Although the concept was definite, the design had to be equally engaging and appealing. Setu took charge of designing this feature. In order to make this feature more interesting, creative framing of the questions, appropriate graphics and attractive yet informative photographs were used.




ImageOnce through with Conceptualizing and Designing of this idea, we moved to the Promotion. Keeping in mind the core idea of this project, we adhered to the pure dialect of Punekars andtheir iconic style of communication. The same aggression, sarcasm and humour was maintained while writing the introduction of the 16 page feature.

So, at the onset of the New Year, Setu effectively imparted the essence of ‘Khara Punekar’ into every Puneite. Thus helping them take a step towards being one.


Click here to view the 16 pages feature :

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