“Setu walks into Heritage”


A bunch of enthusiastic Setuites, two tour guides, 18 destinations to cover and one helluva walk! We call this “Setu walks into Heritage”!

We could have chosen to rest-away and sleep to our hearts content on a glorified weekend. But we rather pompously chose to attend the ‘Heritage Walk’ that spread across 18 historical locations, wrapped up in almost unknown facts; starting from the PMC – Pune Municipal Corporation till the Vishrambaug Wada. It was more than just Awesome.



We walked through lanes we’ve been through before, but had missed out on the monumental lanes, barricades, ceilings, minute architectural phenomenon & interesting stories/ facts from the past. The vibes, the experience, the company, the curiosity and our dedication to the walk made up for all the years that we spend unaware of these monumental places.

The walk ended at Vishrambaug Wada and we had another surprise in the waiting; a group of folk artists – Gondhali and Vasudeo, who enchanted us with their musical.
It would be too boring for you if we listed out the details and facts in lengthy paragraphs. But we’ll rather leave you with some amazing photographs that will make our post worthy enough for you to believe. 


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