“We need to break that stereotype. My younger creatives in Pune need to walk out of their nut-shells and explore the creativity that is flourishing outside too.” so says Nasir Shaikh, the Creative Art Head at Setu Advertising.

Of Portfolios and ‘Horns’, Of Creativity and Response!

Portfolio Night, a platform for the young-guns of the creative world. A dais for aspiring advertising professionals to display their portfolio or even to receive guided feedback, from a panel of around 30 odd renowned National Creative Directors of Indian Advertising. The NCDs as we call them.

Setu had its stint with this obviously glamourous Portfolio Night on the 22nd of May, 2013. Two of Setu’s creative professionals entered their portfolios at Portfolio Night, Mumbai. The agenda here was simple. Feedback. Only worthwhile feedback on their work was their aim, along with the much hyped ‘taste’ of this event.


Nasir Shaikh, the Creative Art Head at Setu Advertising is mesmerized and charged up within his capabilities. Why shouldn’t he be, after all, his work did receive appreciation. Something he is proud about, and so are we.

What would like to share with your younger generation of advertisers? Something that you strongly feel should be changed?

Nasir: The advertising world is diverse across cities. We need to break that stereotype. My younger creatives in Pune need to walk out of their nut-shells and explore the creativity that is flourishing outside too. The stereo-type about Pune’s being a ‘local advertising arena’ needs to change. And the only ones who can make this difference count are the upcoming advertisers in this cosmo-city.

Why so? What makes you think they aren’t up for a presentation (portfolio) of this kind?

Nasir: Mostly, because I have seen some kind of hesitation in young advertising individuals. They are not very open about entering events such as Portfolio Night. I wish to tell them to leave their fears about rejection behind, in case that is what they are worried about. Over 90 creative professionals walk in with their portfolios each year; it’s so overwhelming.


On the other hand, Mihir Joglekar, who was also applauded with the ‘horns’ (the typical Portfolio Night applause) for his stunning illustrations had critique based views.

So Mihir, What drove you to Portfolio Night this year?

Mihir: I was there mainly for feedback. It is always great to get an opinion and critique on your work from the industry heavyweights.

What charged you up the most about this one-of-a-kind portfolio presentation?

Mihir: Those 15 minutes. That time is enough for these industry experts to get an idea of what you are capable of. They’re critique gives you a sense of how your work can be looked at in the international market. It is a great moral-boost to receive feedback from industry professionals.

Some snapshots of the nite …



Two diverse and very rational views on Portfolio Night 2013 were received and we are taking it ahead from here. Await our experiences on many such events, ideas and projections!

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