Published in ‘Sanctuary Asia’ – A Tiger’s Plea … By ‘Setu Advertising’


This advertisement for Sanctuary Asia was published in its June 2013 issue, ahead of the Global Tiger Day.


This definitely is one of our proud moments. Setu Advertising’s ad with concerns to wildlife & the deteriorating number of tigers was published by ‘Sanctuary Asia’ in their June 2013 issue.
The team at Setu that moulded their concern and creativity on to the screen has undoubtedly done a remarkable job.

See it for yourself! If not before, you’ll definitely feel the pinch for our national animal, now.



Mihir – As to what made him craft a concept as this one.

A nature lover since childhood, I developed love for animals and birds, starting from my own backyard. As I grew up, so did my concern for wildlife and environment. It pained me to see the destruction of trees and animals for selfish and commercial purposes.

Since advertising is my profession, I thought what better way to contribute towards the conservation of wildlife and saving the tiger, than through an advertisement. I thought of different ways to put forth the issue of tiger conservation and get people’s attention. Eventually, the nature lover and the artist in me worked in tandem, to come up with an effective idea.

I didn’t want this ad to just create sympathy in the viewers mind, about the deteriorating state of tigers. I wanted people to feel hopeful about the future of this beautiful animal and its image to linger in their minds for a long time. Thus, the idea of comparing the camouflage of the animal with it disappearance came into being.

This is how the team managed to pull it off!

Visual : The visual is a landscape of a typical tiger habitat. It looks like an ordinary landscape at first, but on a closer inspection, reveals a well camouflaged tiger. The visual is not a single photograph, but has been crafted to create the effect of being one. It comprises of two images mixed together, the first image of the landscape and the second, that of the tiger.



Copy :  “Camouflage is one thing. Disappearance is another.”

The copy drives the reader to look at the visual closely to figure out whether a tiger is actually seen or not. It challenges the viewer in spotting the tiger, thus making the advertisement engaging. On spotting the tiger, the reader feels ecstatic. This entire experience replicates the experience of spotting a tiger during a jungle safari.



Impact : The advertisement was successful in urging the audience to think about the depleting number of tigers and the consequences of tiger disappearance. It led to the realization that it is indeed the tiger that adds value to a forest, and with sincere human efforts the majestic animal can be saved.


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Credits : 

Agency : Setu Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director : Rugwed Deshpande
Creative Head (Art) : Nasir Shaikh
Concept & Art : Mihir Joglekar
Copy : Mihir Joglekar
Design : Hrishikesh Deshpande, Vinesh Shinde
Technical Design : Nitin Deshmukh, Rajesh Vangari


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