Here comes a ‘Crisil’ in our hat!


Good times are raining in at Setu House.
And this we can say because of the recent accreditation that we’ve received.

Setu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded an NSIC – Crisil Rating of 
“NSCI – Crisil – SE 2B”

The SE 2B accreditation indicates that Setu has scaled the graph on
“High performance Capability & Moderate Financial Strength”!  The agency has been reviewed basis a few fixed features:
1. Evaluate performance and finances
2. 360 degree SWOT analysis
3. Third-party rating
4. Track record of company of the last 3 years
5. Inquiry amongst clientele and vendors


Director Rutuparna, subtly expressed his thrill by revealing, “It is necessary for organizations to have themselves reviewed on a periodical basis. This way, it gives you an insight and response on your performance, from an external point of view. Which at most times turns out to be an eye-opener.”

He also said, “This rating is a delightful feather in our hat and has given a good motivational boost to all the Setu family members. Here on, it motivates us to showcase our skills and capabilities much better.”

Here’s a cheer, to this and many more…

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