Inculcating Intrapreneurship on Setu’s 28th Anniversary!


I took the opportunity to share my thoughts on ‘Intrapreneurship’ with Setuites, on the joyous occasion of Setu’s 28th Anniversary. It seemed like the best time to open up to my team about the idea ofinculcating a probable theme for every year. A theme that will be thought upon, worked upon and its results achieved upon by the next anniversary celebration.
The theme for this year, “Enjoying Work Through Intrapreneurship”


How ‘I’ learned to enjoy my work through Intrapreneurship!

ImageAfter having done my Masters in Design from the Industrial Design Centre at IITB, I joined our family business. Over the last 12 years this Business taught me many things that no other MBA or business school could have.

Being an Advertising Company, we deal with Entrepreneurs. And whilst devising their brand strategy, we end up learning much more about Entrepreneurship.
Most of these entrepreneurs are unaware about the Intrapreneurship potential of their employees and how to deal with it; while some others have encouraged it and made it large.

According to me, Intrapreneurship begins with an idea, any idea. Sometimes you notice great potential in a particular industry and in other cases you believe in the potential of your own idea.

Intrapreneurship, a Multi-layered Concept
In most other industries, Intrapreneurship is a multi-layered concept. The primary layer is about ideas, creativity, strategy and innovation. And the secondary is about the business and management.

Cultivating Intrapreneurship
Intrapreneurship can be routed through innovative thinking and then taken to a different level, by exposing your team to varied aspects of business management. People who have bright ideas are real Intrapreneurs. If a company creates a direct-interaction platform for sharing ideas, Intrapreneurship will bloom faster.

In the creative field we keep talking about ideas. We observe creative thinkers across the world and, debate, analyze, agree, disagree and create an idea-focused environment. We let the contradiction come in between. We rationalize our perspective and then execute.


Identifying Intrapreneurship Potential
If someone is passionate about his idea, he is more likely to end up with a convincing execution. And so, identifying employees who are truly passionate about their job is the key to promote Intrapreneurship. Once you have a rare mix of passion and idea, Intrapreneurship does not remain a mere ‘employee engagement exercise’, it multiplies.

It is not for employees, it is for people who think they are more than employees for their organization. It is about ownership of an idea and sense of achievement. It is a much more passionate and exciting concept than what we think.

– Rugwed

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