The strategy that makes customers feel special is what makes us feel special too!


Concept of AnandSohala – Celebration of Happiness, an event that gathers all home buyers together, was conceived 3 years ago for Vastushodh, which is now India’s most prominent affordable housing brand. In the real-estate sector, every project is launched with a bang but handing over of homes, which is the most important moment for the home buyer, goes unnoticed. We came up with a simple event idea that blends the happiness of a new home and the aspect of celebration together.  


The event begins with welcoming the customers, friends and well-wishers. These special people of the evening are greeted with Diwali sweets; and enter through the specially decorated red-carpet walk-way. Before the entertainment event we welcome the core team and the site-team (of the concerned project) and they are felicitated by the Directors, who express their gratitude for their hard-work and contribution. People then witness a short film, which covers the journey of Vastushodh as a company over the last one year. This way, home buyers feel more connected with the brand. This is followed by the handing-over ceremony where one of the proud families of the completed project is felicitated.  

Every year, we (Setu) conceptualize and execute the theme-based customized entertainment event. We collaborate with various experts from the entertainment industry and make sure that an unforgettable experience is created for home buyers. The strategy that makes customers feel special is what makes us feel special too! It was strategized 3 years ago, and now, it’s turned out to be a tradition. 


Reaching out to prospective customers is advertising, but being with customers and making them feel special, even after the sales process is over, is genuine goodness. 

Thank you Vastushodh for believing in us.

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