Making Diwali more Meaningful, more Bright this year !!

Setu sparks different lights this Diwali!

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With the deeply engraved philosophy of giving back to the society by means of our work, again this year, we came up with a novel but noble way of gifting for Diwali.

This year we thought of going beyond the obvious, and creating real warmth in our wishes for our clients. We strongly felt that the best way to express our wishes this festive season would be to lend a hand in cheering those in need and celebrating with them. And so, we approached SOFOSH – Society Of Friends Of the Sassoon Hospitals, with this novel idea for Diwali. The idea was : “Money spent on Diwali Corporate Gifts to be donated to SOFOSH”. The idea was simple. The cause was great. So it happened, that they readily agreed to this idea. And, with this encouraging nod, we at SETU made a donation on behalf of our clients and associates to the humanitarian services of SOFOSH.

To begin with, Team Setu visited their centre which works to provide humanitarian services to crisis affected patients, children and families, and donated the gift amount to aid their services. This NGO works to supplement the medical services provided by the hospital through a range of charitable services for crisis affected patients and their families.Image

Our gift consists of a Certificate from SOFOSH, thanking for the contribution that was made on behalf of them.


As the saying goes, it’s not how much you give but how much love you put into giving. With this noble thought, we at Setu along with SOFOSH, have tried putting the much-needed love into giving back to the society. And we did it with the same passion we do our work.

Thanks to this Union of thoughts and deeds, SETU and SOFOSH indeed celebrated a unique Diwali this year!




The Press Coverage appeared in the News Papers.

Setu Sofosh

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