The clothes maketh the brand: Urja Next gets an updated package design!

Diwali is the time of joy and auspicious beginnings. And we got to experience this first hand when we got back after our vacations. Just before we’d taken off for our Diwali holidays, we’d sent out the brand new packaging design of “Urja Next” Flavoured Milk for production…and we came back to the beautiful sight of the bottles adorned with the new packaging sitting right at our doorstep! Oh, the joy of seeing your work come to life! But before we get to the ‘before and after’ pictures, here’s an insight into the whole creative process.


URJA NEXT New Packaging Design

“The product needed an eye-catching, urban overhaul in terms of design and image. We wanted the packaging design to be exactly how the name sounds – NEXT. The pattern is made up of geometric forms that are tilted 45 degrees towards the right, portraying the ‘Acceleration towards Newness’. Flavoured milk is all about energy and this colourful design complements it.” says, Nasir Shaikh, Creative Head.

That’s how we ended up with a packaging design totally in sync with the brand image we had in mind. We incorporated as much of transparency as we could into the design, which added sophistication and helped the packaging seamlessly integrate with the shape and flow of the bottle (This was also a subtle allusion to the company’s principle of quality through complete transparency).


Before-After Images

With everything approved (and appreciated), we sent off our designs to take shape. And now that they’re here, we know how those fashion designers feel when they finally see their clothes on the runway. Such a lovely way to bid adieu to Diwali, we say!


The Entire Range of Urja Next – 7 Variants


Chocolate Flavour


Mango Flavour

We’re thrilled with what we’ve done, and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more ‘makeovers’ in the pipeline!

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