Facebook. Enough said.

Let’s do a Facebook exercise (sounds interesting?)
1. Sign into your account…
2. Scroll through your timeline…
3. What do you see?


Statuses. Many. Either about a student unhappy about results or someone upset with their best friend.
May be loneliness is the reason, or extreme happiness on the other end. It’s all about expression, and Facebook seems like the most illustrious medium to do so.

You’ll come across ‘at least’ 3 statuses that either talk about anger, happiness, anxiety, pressure, positivity, motivation, heart-break or friendship. (And the list may go on)


Unknowingly, this has become the truth of our individuality! We, Facebook users, find a certain sense of belongingness or satisfaction by communicating our emotions via a status message. Because, there are so many to acknowledge it. Right?



You probably already know the reasons, but I’ll still enclose a few;

— There’s this innate need to update the world (your friend list) on your life.
— In a more personal way, it’s about conveying a message to ‘a’ particular person. Well, because, we’re too vulnerable to speak upfront; or may be nervous when it comes to confrontations?
— In a more ‘public-display-of-affection’ sort of way, each of us wants the world to know how unbelievably happy or sad we are.
— Also, to see how many ‘Likes’ the profile picture receives, or how many ‘Likes’ the status gets (because that’s how we determine intellectuality these days)
— And there may be more…


The bottom-line being, although the medium might keep changing, it’s good that people still love to express.
(As long as we don’t surrender to silence)

But in hindsight, there is also this fear of being judged, of being called pretentious or wannabe.
May be it is. May be it’s not. But who decides this?

As far I remember or know, Facebook has never maintained a rule book. It is a social platform and if people wish to portray their sentiments socially, then I see no harm in it.
Personally, each of us has our parameters of privacy. And we are entitled to it.


But, coming to think of it, has Facebook killed personal interaction?
This is a widely debatable topic. I suggest you have a look around you. And if at all this is true, please take a step in changing it. Because, Facebook and personal interaction can also go hand-in-hand. Hain na? So do it both.


So… (long pause) I think I’ve expressed my observation and opinion. And it’s this simple.
If someone on a social-networking site bothers you, unfriend, block or hide them from newsfeeds. But avoid judging someone based on their statuses. Because, let’s not forget, every single one of us has had at least 1 status of ‘expression’ on our profiles. No matter what it is, but we’ve all had one.

**This blog post is not intended to anyone in particularly. This is entirely based on ‘individual perception’.
Each of us is entitled to our own.**

– Rachel PilakaImage

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