Putting the ‘social’ in Social Media Day!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at Setu, and the 5th Annual Social Media Day popped up like an opportunity to give us a break! 30th June is celebrated as Social Media Day worldwide. We thought of having some fun activities at Setu Digital. A small n quick event that would energize us, inspire us and, at the same time, celebrate the phenomenon of Social Media.

The ENERGY came from the super-charged social media quiz that we held for the non-digital members of the office.

The INSPIRATION came from a small session we held, where we shared some great case studies of Social Media innovations. It got our creative juices flowing and renewed our pursuit of creating bigger and better social media initiatives (like the very successful #JaihindSQ campaign we recently executed).

CELEBRATIONS took place with the lovely little ‘social media cupcakes’ we got baked specially for the occasion, just to add some more flavour of Social Media ness in the air!

The ‘Social Media’ theme was carried forward through not just the content, but the décor as well. The office was filled with balloons in whites (Facebook), blues (Twitter) and reds (Pinterest/YouTube), to commemorate the giants of the digital world.

It was a truly ‘social’ evening, with everyone taking something back with them – whether it was ideas, knowledge, a sense of camaraderie… or just a balloon they could burst later!



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