10 things that can make us a better student of Life.

“An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life”.
Hiring good people has always been a pain area since I have understood this advertising industry. We see such a sharp generation that’s rising on one hand while there’s this scarce human resource on the other. Has it something to do with the attitude that these young ones adapt to in their educational phase? Is it the way our educational systems function? All professionals reading this will agree that college life with all those theories and even practicals is way too different than the professional life that we live in. Probably the problem lies in the thought process. Thought process of the student, teacher, parents and surroundings to some extent. Students are running behind grades. Teachers are running behind students who do not get good grades. Placement cells are behind fancy pay packages. Parents are behind the competition of grades. Is it enough to be a good student of Life?
A couple of days back, I got an opportunity to address the freshers of Mass Communication at Indira School of Communication. It was their induction program and I was called to give them some insights from the advertising industry, some trends in the industry. This info was readily available to them on Google. It made no point to tell them something that was already available on the world wide web! Rugwed
Thought of leaving back with them something that I follow daily, something that we follow at Setu daily. Something that can make them a better student of Life and not just a better student at class! Sounds too gyaani (Hindi word)? Its no rocket science actually!
10 simple that can make life better and simple.
10 things
Click here to go through the entire presentation.  
I come across many people who pass sarcastic comments about their own designations being just for the sake of it or even their own job profile. We are creating our own brand on every single thought and action that we make. We tend to forget that sometimes. Such comments or statements build our perception. We judge people in seconds. People judge us too. Who is responsible for a ‘Bad day at work’? We ourselves! We are responsible for the respect we get. We earn it through our actions. Through our thoughts. There are so many around us who observe us. Whom we observe. Don’t you think all these are sheer basics of life?
Some key points of these I wanted to share with these open hearted freshers at Indira. I wished to contribute in making their lives simpler and better. Very rare you get such an opportunity and I simply grabbed it to interact with them at their Induction program. Lets start creating our own brand. Lets get sensitized to every small details in whatever we do. God is in details after all !
Wishing luck to everyone reading this post and a big thanks to the faculty at Indira School Of Communication. -Rugwed Deshpande.
All The Best


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