When words brought people together: Khara Punekar Shabdaranjan!

The 3rd edition of the Khara Punekar supplement served up an interesting morning for ‘wordsmiths’ across Pune in the form of its ‘Maha Shabdakode’. Being connoisseurs of words ourselves, we at Setu had a great time conceptualizing and putting together this mighty word puzzle for our client, Sakal!

The 8 page broadsheet supplement, called ‘Khara Punekar – Shabdaranjan’, is an ode to the love of words that all true Pune residents have. The idea was to use this common interest to bring together families on the occasion of Ganesh Utsav, through the medium of this all-generation crossword.

Consisting of 6 interlinked crossword puzzles, made up of 500 words, we’re sure that this issue kept the readers of Sakal engaged and provided a source of much needed fun and quality time with the entire family !

Khara Punekar1


Khara Punekar2

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