A move that took us down memory lane

One of our Directors, Rutuparna Deshpande, put it best when he said,

“If you have faith in your workplace then it’ll bless you like a mother and will guide you to conquer the world.”

Our workplace has done just that!

It is not easy to move, though…especially when a place feels like home. But move we had to; for in change, lies growth.

In the process of moving, however, we rediscovered our attachment to our unique #3in1 office.

Members of Team Setu shared a few of their favourite memories in their own unique styles. Here’s what some of them had to say!

Sandhya, from the HR team, made her feelings clear through this heartfelt poem.

“I feel a sense of excitement looking ahead to the new start

Happy and eager, yet with a slight pain in my heart


Leaving behind the comfortable, homely and known.

Into one that will take a while for me to call my own


Hurrying between three floors, at times with my heart


Hoping to have that quick important talk with rugwed before he leaves for his meeting


Driving to work each morning with a prayer to god to help me find


Walking around the building talking on the phone or with colleagues chatting


Taking a break from work meant going to durga or momos for a


And then realizing that time had flown by and then hurrying back


Many fond memories of meetings, art saturdays, diwali party rehearsals, and silly fights

To a new world of interesting and exciting flights


A lot of lessons i have learnt as the years of working in vrundavanam went by

Now, looking forward to the opportunity that life has given me to fly


I know that this new phase will be an amazing one for SETU

And also for each of us including me and you


Its a lovely feeling knowing we’ll all be around and together

Better teamwork, coordination and quality that we will deliver.


Its a new beginning, one that promises us a great future

If only we come together and promise to be with each other


I feel a sense of excitement looking ahead to the new start

Happy and eager, yet with a slight pain in my heart”


From our Copy Department we have Shruti, who wrote a chilling ‘true story’




Amey, who stayed true to his copywriter roots with this short & crisp one-liner (and image)…

“The sweet taste of modaks & the bittersweet memories of late nights – the two most standout experiences for me in my 4 months at Setu.”

Setu Old Office Memory Amey image-edit

…and Nikhil, who gave us this short write-up in Marathi.

Setu Old Office Memory Digital nikhil khaire

Art Director, Swapnil, expressed himself in his signature style through this right-to-the-point design.


On the other hand, Suraj, also our Art Director, chose to go with words.

Setu Old Office Memory Suraj

Nasir Bhai, our Creative Head, came up with this masterpiece to put forward his thoughts.

Setu Old Office Memory Nasir

The entire Digital Team captured some ‘distinctive’ moments through some fun ‘Social Media Conversations’.


Setu Old Office Memory Digital Team jobin


Setu Old Office Memory Digital Team durga


Setu Old Office Memory Digital Team dhanu kuthe


Setu Old Office Memory Digital Team chai


Setu Old Office Memory Digital Team ad


Setu Old Office Memory Digital golu


Setu Old Office Memory Digital Team no entry


Deepali, our Media Manager, shares her fondest memories of Vrundavanam.

“Now, this is a big excitement! Looking ahead to the new beginning…a new start…But at the same time bit painful.

Painful because I’m leaving behind this wonderful place I have been working in for past decade (I still dont believe that I’ve been here since a decade…a wonderful decade!)

I remember when everybody used to sit at F-103, when everybody use at one place & also everybody gathering for lunch at my desk.
I find myself fortunate to have worked with Kaka when I had joined Setu, he has actually taught me about Media when I was totally new to this world. Thanks a ton Kaka!!
There are so many things/lessons i have learnt here in these years. I have always found Setu as my second home as I am so attached to this place.

There are so many memories attached to this place, it is difficult to express them all…

Leaving behind my desk, where everybody comes running during lunchtime to find a place to sit or atleast stand!
Finding a place for my Activa in one of the 3 parkings.
Walks after lunch in Vrundavanam society.
Coffee from Durga/Momos, wada pav/bhel we use to order in the evenings for that choti bhuk.
Talking on phone walking around the building.
Modak parties
Treasure hunts, running on roads riding bikes like ‘maut ka kua’
Our traditional day at office, and discussing what sarees to wear one day before
Passing on the message from both the Shiplas to Bablesh, when they would come below the window near my desk and say “gadichi kill taak na!”

All such small, yet unforgettable, memories!

I will be carrying all of them with me to start another wonderful journey of new phase which life has given me. I know this new phase will be amazing for all of us to work together and create a wonderful team being under one roof and deliver our best with good coordination and quality work.
The best part for all of us?  We can find Rugwed easily now for discussions!

Looking forward for great future in the 2nd phase of Setu.

(Recollecting all these memories has brought tears to my eyes. But I’m excited…for the new office…a new start…and a new journey!)”

Prashant S., from the accounts team, also had a lot of memories to share.

“We all have an emotional attachment with this office. It gave us love, happiness, bonding & with this all, created a bridge, a SETU by all means.This was the place where truly I can say I started my career, gained experience. It has given me stability, willingness to achieve your goal.
My memories with our old office start with the special Tea prepared by Sagar. Then there was Cricket in garden, Treasure hunts, Christmas parties, Birthdays, Sheer Khurma, Diwali decorations, Lunches, Coffee, Joshi’s Misal, late night working(except me), dance practice, Trips, the place of Thumb punching, the balcony, a thrilling World Cup on TV, the cabin where usually entry is restricted in other offices but here no one had to ask, lift which was taking time to open & close, the staircase when the lift was out of order, recovery meetings, the scary noise of BSE department door, the KATTA where hidden mischief was openly shared with each other, the noise of Ganpati rally, drumbeats, loud speakers & above all one & only one TIKEKAR…so many great memories

All this will happen in new office, but the memories will  remain in our minds forever.

We are stepping into our new big office, which was everyone’s dream, this Dussehra onwards. So let’s write a new era in coming years of success & financia growth in the name of ‘SETU’.

Congrats, to all Directors.
We are all with you.”

And last, but in no way the least, we have our choti Shilpa, letting us know what she feels.

“ऑफिस जेव्हा फक्त एकाच ठिकाणी म्हणजे एफ १०३ मध्ये होतं  तेव्हापासून ते आत्ता ६००० स्क्वे. फूटाच्या  प्रशस्त नवीन ऑफिस पर्यंतच्या प्रवासातल्या अनेक आठवणी आहेत.

मोठं  एकच ऑफिस घ्यायचं हा विचार अनेक दिवसांपासून डोक्यात होताच. शेवटी मनासारखी, अगदी साजेशी, प्रशस्त ६००० स्क्वे. फूटाचा एकाच फ्लोअर  अशी छान  जागा मिळाली. एकदम प्रोफेशनल, चकचकीत लूक… नवीन जागेत कसं  दिसेल ऑफिस…कोण  कुठे बसेल…कसं  डेकोरेट करायचं  ऑफिस…अशा अनेक विचारांनी खूप एक्साईटमेंट वाटत होती. घटस्थापनेला नवीन ऑफिसमध्ये पूजा झाली आणि आता ४-५ दिवसात शिफ्टिंग सुरु करायचं अशी चर्चा सुरु झाली. म्हणजे आता फक्त जेमतेम आठवडाभरच जुन्या ऑफिसमध्ये??…अचानक असं वाटलं कि नव्याच्या नवलाईत जुन्या ऑफिसला थोड्या वेळाकरता विसरलो का आपण?
मी लहान असताना आम्ही ८-१० वर्षं  ज्या घरात राहिलो त्या घरातून नवीन मोठ्या घरात शिफ्ट झालो. नवीन मोठं  घर…माझी स्वतंत्र खोली… मला माझ्या मनाप्रमाणे सजवता येईल… हेच विचार मनात घोळत होते. शिफ्ट झाल्यावर १-२ दिवसांनी आम्ही आधीच्या शेजार्यांना भेटायला जुन्या घरी आलो. आणि त्या ‘माझ्या’ घराकडे पाहून खूप रडू आलं… नकळत.…
अनेक महत्वाचे टप्पे या जुन्या घरात अनुभवले होते. मित्र-मैत्रिणी, अनेक उन्हाळी सुट्ट्यांमध्ये केलेल्या गमती जमती, अंगत पंगत, हजारो वेळा पडून गुढघे फोडून शिकलेली सायकल अशा असंख्य सुखद आठवणी. शब्दात वर्णन करण्यापलीकडे होत्या त्या भावना …. त्याच भावना या जुन्या ऑफिस बद्दलही दाटून आल्या.
आधीचं  एफ १०३ मधलं डिझाईन डिपार्टमेंट, ऋग्वेदच्या धाड्कन एन्ट्रीनंतर अचानक पसरलेली शांतता आणि दडपणाच वातावरण, तो कधी काय बोलेल याची अन्प्रेडीक्टेबिलीटी, दीपालीच्या डेस्क वरचा दाटीवाटीनी होणारा लंच ब्रेक, डिझाईन डिपार्टमेंट ते एच आर डिपार्टमेंट पर्यंत झालेला चेंज, पो लू टाईम, पिक्श्नरि, दिवाळी पार्टी च्या डान्स ची प्राक्टीस आणि अशा कितीतरी गोष्टी…
नवीन ऑफिसची एक्साईटमेंट, उत्साह, प्रगतीची भावना हे सगळं आहेच पण या प्रगतीमधला या जुन्या आणि छोट्या ऑफिसचा वाटा खूप मोठा आहे.
गुड बाय वगैरे असं  काही मी म्हणणार नाही कारण या वास्तूची जागा ‘सेतू’च्या प्रवासात खूप मोलाची आणि अबाधित आहे…. 🙂 “


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