The kites came back – super-sized!

It was wonderful to see our idea come to life last year, and it was even better to see it turn into a bigger, better phenomenon this year. As always, it was crazy hectic working on it. The entire office was struck by ‘kite-fever’, with everyone throwing around ideas and suggestions. All our efforts paid off, though, and we were thrilled to take the International Super Kite Festival to two cities – Goa and Pune. Print The Goa edition was held at Miramar beach on 24th January, while the Pune edition took place on Republic Day (like last year) at Moshi. Along with the Super Kites, food, games and a generous sprinkling of celebrities at both events truly brought out a ‘carnival-like’ atmosphere. IMG_0422   IMG_0400 IMG_0405 IMG_0407 The excitement level was higher because, this year, there were 41 international flyers from 18 countries at the event – that’s almost double the number from last year. And we intend to keep the excitement levels rising for years to come!

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