SMW Bangalore 2015: Takeaways

Some members of Setu Digital were a part of the ‘Social Media Week’, held in Bangalore between 22nd and 27th February 2015. A lot of knowledge was acquired, a lot of things were unlearnt and a lot of insights were gained in these 5 days. And because we believe that knowledge only grows when shared, we had a great knowledge-sharing session for everyone at Setu.



“These kind of conferences
mainly push you to do things
that you are already aware of!”
– Dhanashree Shinde (Manager, Setu Digital)

In the session we discussed the importance of ‘now’, the relevance of content and the use of relevant #hashtags, the utility of apps, the rise of the mobile, the nascent-ness of Podcasts and the wave of videos – basically anything and everything to do with Social Media.


In the end, we all left the room wiser and more enthusiastic than ever. And we’re charged up to translate this real life enthusiasm into the digital world!

In the spirit of ‘knowledge for all, we’ve also embedded a copy of the presentation below, for anyone interested in Social Media. Browse through it for some quick takeaways. Enjoy!

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