‘The dress’ that broke the internet.

Last week, a topic- ‘The dress’ was trending on Twitter and Facebook. People were tweeting, liking, commenting, sharing it everywhere. Why? The colours of the dress appeared different to different people. ‘Gold and White’ or ‘Black and Blue’ was the question.

Friends debated over it, designers commented on it, doctors, psychologists everyone entered the discussion. It was something everyone experienced, could relate to and wanted to clear out. Celebrities shared it on their fan pages. It created engagement on multiple platforms. Cause people were desperate for the answer-The solution.

aIMG_5100 aIMG_5101  aIMG_5095aIMG_5096  aIMG_5094  1a2a

Within a few hours, Brands jumped on the bandwagon. Everyone wanted to ride the tide to create engagement by becoming a part of the community.  Brands like LEGO, Oreo, Dunkin’ Donuts, Bacardi nailed it right by posting spontaneously. Jaihind’s post on “White and Gold” or “Black and Blue” got around 194 likes in just a few hours of posting.

2b   2d2c     Picture1lk  jaihind

1 dress, 1 photo, 1 week.
Engagement created? Numerous Blog updates, shares, opinions, reasons, brand posts, tweets, videos, DMs, Whatsapp group discussions, Pins, Forums, Facebook Posts. Such is the power of Socia Media.

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