Spice Giant Suhana joins our client list

We’re happy to announce that we’re now the communication partners of Pravin Masalewale, one of the largest procurer, processor and marketer of spices in India.

Pravin Masalewale offers and extensive range of products in Blended Spices, Ready-to-cook mixes, Seasonal Blends, Instant Mixes and accompaniments like Papad and Pickles under its flagship brand Suhana. Pravin Masalewale also offers products like CTC, KLM and grounded spices under its brand Ambari specifically for Maharashtra.


“Pravin Masalewale has a great legacy of over 50 years and we are glad that we will get to tell their story to the world,” says Rugwed Deshpande, Director “We will be strategically working for Suhana on brand level to enhance its connect  with its customers across India,” adds Rugwed.

We have an exciting plan for Suhana and the team is ready to roll it out and take Suhana brand to the next level.

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