The moral of the TVC is…

Writers, they say, are storytellers who have a message to share through what they write (famously called the “moral of the story” by the writers of Panchtantra). So what happens when writers themselves learn something from the story they write? This is exactly what happened to us when we got a chance to write a TVC for Suhana.


So here we are, sharing 10 things we learnt (staying true to current online writing trends) while writing for Suhana. No not 10, probably 6. Sorry 5. Forget the numbers. Just read on.

  • If you love something, it shows– In our case, it was our undying love for food that helped us write. This love helped us connect with the product.
  • Childhood experiences help- While one writer was deprived of home-cooked food due to his life in hostel, the other craved for distant and inaccessible regional delicacies while living across India.
  • Hindi language is magical- The language is extremely colloquial and blends easily with words from other languages. Writing in Hindi was the most memorable experience.
  • Television makes you feel connected- Writing for this medium inspires you to think at a larger level. It offers a unique opportunity where you can talk to the whole country as well as an individual, at the same time. We felt like superheroes, with a nation listening to our mann ki baat.
  • The best part: there are no typos- Because the audience listens to what you wrote, it’s time to say goodbye to typos. Ask any writer how big a relief that is.

Did we already talk about the best part? Well, there’s a slight change. The best part had to be the delicious food that looked ever-so-gorgeous during the shoot. We never knew, what we had written was going to look so beautiful. And taste as well. With a memorable aftertaste.

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