30 years of thinking young and being a #StartupAtHeart.

Most people think that something that’s been around for decades tends to age. If it has been around for thirty long years it would be rigid and inflexible. But that’s not true for us. A wise man once said, “There is an exception to every rule.” We always try to be that exception.

Logo-02As Setu Advertising completes 30 years of existence today, we are thrilled to reveal to the world our life’s philosophy – of being a #StartupAtHeart. You could call us the Benjamin Button of advertising! We have grown younger in our thoughts, crazier with our ideas and are poised to make the next big leap. With a spanking new office in the city of dreams, Mumbai, Setu is all set to get a firm foothold in national-level brand building across sectors.


Be it disruptive communication ideas, impossibly crazy creative endeavours or simply solid brand building, we dare to think beyond. One way we do this is through ‘Setu Art’, a proactive effort to pick cultural icons and convert them into unique pieces of art. Which is why even after 30 years of being communication partners to some of India’s most recognised brands, we feel young and hungry – to deliver even bigger and stronger ideas that work for them.


Whatever we do, we try to excel in it. Recently, we have expanded our creative horizons by launching a full-fledged virtual reality solutions enterprise known as ‘Digital Art VRe’, in association with Digital Art India Pvt. Ltd. With this we shall endeavour to create immersive experiences and content for brands across categories.

Logo-05As a part of our 30th anniversary celebrations and our continuous effort to give back to society, we will be organising 12 workshops (one topic every month) centered on creativity, writing, design, digital media, virtual reality and more. This is just a small move on our part to ensure that everyone in the communications fraternity or connected with it aims for even more success.

The year end is approaching soon and we are geared to take on 2016 with this same zeal. Eternally a #StartupAtHeart, Setu Advertising resolves to craft ideas that will help brands to conquer new peaks. Just like the Chinese philosopher Mencius said, “Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.”

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