How Chiku made home buyers in Pune, nostalgic.

hordingChildhood memories are something that everyone cherishes. The home, playing with friends and exploring new things around the home with them, connects all of us. This thought gave us the idea for crafting the communication for Life Maxima, a project by Pate Developers at Kirkatwadi, Sinhagad Road.

Launch Communication : Press Ads

Launch Communication : Press Ads

I am Chiku

The project, spread across 17 acres and offering 30 amenities, had one USP – maximum space for everyone, especially the children.  With the idea of exploring the outdoor life, we conceptualised a character – Chiku, a kid who lives at Life Maxima and shares his everyday stories with his friends at the school. The bottom line was “Every day at Life Maxima is awesome, because life gives you maximum”.


Chiku Branded Sketch Book and Crayons


Chiku Branded Keychain

Drwaing pad (1)

Chiku Branded Writing Pad

Chiku Branded Sales Kit Bag

Chiku Branded Sales Kit Bag

Every aspect of the communication had Chiku at its centre. The project brochure was a story book that narrated his life at Life Maxima.

The radio campaign was in Chiku’s voice, where a worried Chiku (during the teaser phase), due to lack of playing spaces and friends; changed to a happy Chiku with the launch of Life Maxima. Click here to listen to the Happy Chiku Radio Spot.


Launch Communication : Bus Stops

The outdoor campaign also had a teaser and a launch phase.

On Facebook, Chiku had his own profile through which he connected with kids. Drawing competition was conducted and winners were given special Chiku gift hampers. Click here to send Chiku a Friend Request.

chiku fb

Chiku Drawing Competition on Facebook

final_new newOverall, Chiku ensured that the home buyers went back in time and relived the memories of their childhood. He also made the home buyers understand the need of giving a happy childhood full of outdoor living, to their children.

Along with the rest of the traditional mediums of advertising, we also did Digital videos in Teaser and Revealer formats that went viral on Whatsapp and Digital platforms. Have a look :

Going beyond the bookings, the buzz created by Chiku, made the project and its communication a huge hit; while transforming Chiku into a superstar!

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