999 : That’s how Gokhale Constructions made Navratri, unmissable for home buyers!

9This year, when Gokhale Constructions decided to execute the Navratrotsav for the third consecutive year, we knew it had to be showcased in a much bigger way than the previous 2 years. To begin with, the offerings of Navratrotsav were greater than before. In addition to 9 new launches, Gokhale Constructions decided to handover 9 completed projects and also offer up to 30% discount on select projects across 9 locations in Pune. All this was packed into the 9 prosperous days of Navratri.



GC5While coming up with the communication, our idea was to focus on the three 9s that made Navratri 2015, an unmissable period for home buyers across Pune. This benefit was amplified by the fact that it was the third consecutive year that Gokhale Constructions was doing something this big.

Gokhale ConstructuionsThe elements related to this festival of goddesses formed the crux of our communication. The three 9s mentioned above, were integrated with the symbol of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The communication had a strong Maharashtrian touch, as the background was made out of khan (खण), a traditional Maharashtrian piece of cloth that has a rich texture and feel and is offered as a symbol of prosperity to the lady of the house.

We feel happy about the fact that communication worked well for the brand and the third year of Navratrotsav received an overwhelming response. 150+ luxury homes from the City area (Prime locations like : Prabhat Road, Kothrud, Dahanukar Colony etc.) were booked in 9 Days! It’s a huge success!

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