Thoughtful and Warm: SETU Digital’s Mother’s Day Campaigns Strike a Special Chord

Three clients, three campaigns, and three days to execute -it was about a week ago that SETU Digital started brainstorming on ideas for Mother’s Day campaigns. With proliferation of hundreds of brands and thousands of marketing messages every day, it is indeed challenging to come up with something that has the capacity to touch people’s hearts. Taking this up as an opportunity, we dived into relevant aspects of motherhood and tried to fuse them seamlessly with the core identity of each brand we were working on.

Pate Developers:Mothers are gifted with the divine capacities of creation, love and nurturing. Mothers are the only beings who have been bestowed with the gift of ‘welcoming us to life’. Pate Developers has been inspired by this very phenomenon and the essence of this phrase ‘Welcome to Life’ is something they really strive to imbibe in the homes they build. They try their very best to build homes with the same love, care and warmth a mother provides to her child. It just so happens that there are many women working at Pate Developer’s construction sites across the city. They come from a weaker section of the society and perhaps probably not even aware about the concept of Mother’s Day. They put their heart and soul into shaping and giving birth to the homes that are developed by Pate Developers. To honour their motherhood and hard work we organised a special event for them at Life Maxima, Kirkatwadi. As a token of love and appreciation, Managing Director Shri. Balkrishna Pate and Director Shri. Pramod Wani presented them with gifts. Have a look at this heart warming video of the event.


The video was shared on Facebook and YouTube. Within just two days,with over 17,000 views, this campaign was receiving unprecedented appreciation. So much so that Mad Over Marketing (MOM) and Social Samosa websites covered this story and shared it on their feeds.Touting it as a ‘hatke’ campaign,MOM appreciated the initiative for having made a difference for working class mothers. Social Samosa published the event video as one of the campaigns dominating social media. Offline, this campaign was covered by some leading dailies of the city.

Pate screenshot

Pravin Pickles: Pickles are one of those special food items that have a very special element of recall to them – put simply, even a phrase like ‘ma/nani/dadikehaathkaachar’ brings back mouth-watering memories. Keeping Mother’s Day in mind, we tried to capture a mother’s wide range of emotions with different flavours of Pravin Pickles.Sweet, Warm, Vibrant, Lively, Strong were some of the characteristics. The brand asked people to choose and describe the pickle relates the most with the way their mothers are. This campaign ran on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The 14,668 people reached on Facebook by 9th May, bears testimony to the success of this campaign.


EzyDo: The length to which our mothers go to see us succeed and be happy in life is truly overwhelming. They work day in and day out to groomour homes and nurture our families. In doing so, they sacrifice their own wants and desires innumerable times. So we thought of doing something to make their life easy? We pitched this idea to EzyDo and it clicked perfectly well. Brand EzyDo comes with a promise of making people’slife easy, through their comprehensive range of home care services and activities. So for Mother’s Day, we thought of reciprocating all the love and care that mothers provide us, by gifting them the time, comfort and fun that they deserve so much, but somehow, don’t get a chance to revel in. Thus ‘Make Life #EzyForMoms’ campaign was conceptualised. This campaign comprised of an offer with a set of four services/activities by EzyDo,which would help mothers rejuvenate their life with some ‘me-time’ and recreational activities. Lucky few went onto win a special voucher to shop for their mothers.


SETU Digital strives to come up with successful digital campaigns on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it’s a delight when we get a chance to work on campaigns with a social message. It definitely adds to the joy of working we share at SETU Digital.

One thought on “Thoughtful and Warm: SETU Digital’s Mother’s Day Campaigns Strike a Special Chord

  1. Good to see a different approach for these kind of clients on Mother’s Day occasion. Great work as always SETU Team 🙂

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