‘Radio Campaign’ for 115 HillTown

While SETU Digital has been successfully handling the digital duties of Pride Purple Group, they were recently entrusted with executing the digital communication for 115 Hilltown. A residential project spread across 100 acres, 115 Hilltown by Pride Purple Group, Rama Group and Kohinoor Group, presented SETU with another opportunity.

The mainline communication and theme for the project 115 Hilltown was already in place and was established by another agency. The communication route for the project had been paved on the central thought of ‘Staying Connected’. The brief was to craft its radio communication while sticking to this pre decided route.
To make it more distinct for all listeners,

SETU decided to take the existing concept to the next level by adding flavor of emotions to the existing communication route.

The idea was to create a radio campaign that would not be essentially sale-oriented. And to create a soothing mind space for listeners across all age groups. It also aimed at making all radio listeners feel associated and ‘connected’ with the brand, irrespective of their need/desire to buy a home. Through this approach they aimed at leaving a thread open for future communication (since the project is spread across 100 acres), instead of a one-off campaign (which is more common today).

SETU came up with ten 1-minute radio stories to capture the essence of ‘staying connected’, through memories. In fact, the tone of the stories was inspired by a Marathi short story written by Shri. Sharad Deshpande, the founder of SETU. Each spot was crafted as a nostalgic monologue of a character belonging to different age groups and walks of life. The sole intention was for the listeners to resonate and relive a part of themselves which they feel warmly about. And in doing so the listeners would allow the brand to be a part of their personal mind space.
SETU associated with Mr. Manohar Nayak of Lingo India, a renowned name in radio production, to execute these stories. Having been part of everything great about radio – great campaigns, reputed awards and even elite jury – Lingo India beautifully brought to life, the thoughts and ideas conceptualised at SETU.
What started off with the responsibility of Pride Purple Group’s digital communication for SETU, translated into an opportunity to craft a stand-alone Radio Campaign! From adapting the existing identity of 115 Hilltown to giving it an endearing new voice, it has been a remarkable experience for team SETU.

Plug in your headphones, Close your eyes and Listen to the stories!

Story 1 : Me and the City

Story 2 : The Trekker

Story 3 : Baisakhi

Story 4 : Dosti ka Chaska

Story 5 : Patang

Story 6 : Friend Request

Story 7 : Aam ka Ped

Story 8 : Jadya

Story 9 : Ek Swapna

Story 10 : Maza Mulga

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