At the pavilion: The making of Suhana’s stop motion ad

What should be done with a great idea? It should be executed with maximum creativity. That was our mantra while doing an offer based communication for Suhana’s newly acquired Pravin Pickles. The offer entailed giving away a Rs.10/- pickle pack free with every Suhana RTC spice mix. Keeping up with the recent IPL fervor, we scripted a film that depicted the RTC spice mix as a veteran cricket player, and the pickle pack, a ‘Little Master’. Just like cricket, this would also be a true representation of a sumptuous meal, a match-winning partnership of flavors.

The concept demanded a ‘hatke’ medium of execution. What better than the gem that is stop motion animation! Though quite a tough cookie to crack, it can lead to stupendous results. In stop motion, you shoot one still frame, move the characters slightly, then shoot another — then repeat a few hundred times (24 frames/sec. x 15 sec. in this case) to make a little animation. In our case, the film was starring tiny chopped vegetables and the product packets! As you can see in the video, a 9 x 9 ft. ‘stadium’ set was constructed with chopped carrots, onions etc. as the spectators. The director manipulated these veggies in every frame to show movement in the stands. A potato and tomato ‘jodi’ were the commentators, and then the RTC spice mix and pickle packets were made to ‘walk’ through the ground. All of this was a compilation of a few hundred frames that were meticulously steered with hand. The details were paid special attention to, like for instance, syncing the audio with the potato-tomato pair’s lip movements.

The resulting outcome has encapsulated the concept we had in mind completely, and brilliantly. It’s symbolic, yet quite literal. It was quite an enriching experience to stitch this project together. While the concept is the star player, the stop motion animation has partnered with it for a ‘match-winning’ combination.

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