SETU Digital at #SMDayPune

For SETU Digital, it was a special day, as the world rung in the seventh social media day on 30th June with festive celebrations across hundreds of cities. Just like last year, this year’s social media day was organised in association with SETU Digital. The idea was to host a grand social media party at Classic Rock Coffee Co. and meet up with like-minded professionals, industry gurus and enthusiasts.

About two weeks leading up to the event, we began with the preparations for this event. Our target group consisted of students and professionals between 18 to 40 years of age, entrepreneurs and businessmen between the ages of 21 and 50. After much thought, analysis and evaluation we structured a campaign to meet our objective.

It was a no-brainer to utilise Social Media as the most powerful set of tools for #SMDayPune. The challenge was to leverage it to its effective best. One of the campaigns comprised of publishing lesser known and surprising social media trivia on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter was used to post updates during the week leading up to the event, through the event, till the very last minute of it. We devised of a fun Twitter based game – #SuperShortStory, for all the participants. E-mailers were used for communication with fellow agencies. For Online PR, we partnered with online publications having target audiences relevant to #SMDayPune. Media partnerships provided a platform to publish event related content and promised good visibility for it.

A dedicated section of our design and production team was on their toes till the event day. From badges, goodie bags and posters to social media posts, banners, hoardings and more, the #SMDayPune team was on their toes till the eve of 30th June. We sent passes out to some of our fellow agencies in Pune. And last but not the least, we designed and printed special SETU Digital hoodies for our team to celebrate the bonding we share and to facilitate visibility at the event venue.

It was a day of fun activities and games, a lot of interactions – online and offline and networking with the digital marketing fraternity.  But the real limelight of the evening was the insights, ideas, trends and foresights shared by the eminent speakers who attended the event. 

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