Illustrating sustainability: Identity building for AgroGas

Primove is a city-based firm that has ventured into selling compressed natural gas (CNG) made from agricultural wastes for vehicular use, under the brand name AgroGas. The company’s first plant and dispensing station is based at Pirangut, on the outskirts of Pune. It’s the first such private initiative in the country. On August 14, 2016, Union ministers Nitin Gadkari and Manohar Parrikar inaugurated the facility.

The process to produce agro-CNG requires the raw material, which is various kinds of agricultural waste – like straws, thrash, husk, and chaff, to be processed through multiple stages. Unlike conventional CNG, agro-CNG will not be transported through pipelines over vast distances. Instead, the CNG will be produced on site, and dispensed, to keep costs low. This CNG solution aims at reducing the CNG imports of the country in a bid to make India partially self-sustainable. “This technology, if taken up on a mass scale nationally, can definitely reduce the crude imports amounting to Rs. 7 lakh crore annually,” said Mr. Gadkari.

For us, the brief was to understand the key elements that went into the making of this unique product and showcase them effectively through its identity, at the national level. Primove wanted to establish the fact that the Bio-CNG could be manufactured anywhere across the country – making it a people’s product. Since the Bio-CNG was prepared from agricultural residue, the idea was to include the raw material in the identity, as the raw material was the biggest differentiator. As the product was supposed to run vehicles, we decided to incorporate an element of a flame in the symbol. The colours used in the identity symbolized the fact that AgroGas essentially provides green energy. The tri-colour is used to represent the service-to-the-nation aspect of business.The name is mentioned in a font that is extremely easy to read for everyone.

This simple and rooted identity aptly covers the eco-friendly and ‘fuel for all’ philosophy that the product stands for.

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