Beware of letting ‘sketchy’ people in: EzyDo brand launch campaign

At Setu, we have walked hand in hand with brand EzyDo – an e-com player that provides day-to-day need based service solutions via trained professionals. Right from product conceptualisation to the communication design, to the final launch on 22nd September, 2016, we had a great responsibility to make the consumers well versed with the brand’s essential philosophy. With this very goal in mind, we designed a half jacket newspaper ad to mark the brand launch.

An important observation made by our design team was that most brands in this sector use real-life stock images, and that led us to look for a differentiator. The strategy was to root the brand philosophy in a well-defined story with impactful characters. This was implemented with illustrations and sketches of characters which were almost exaggerated caricatures.

Now, our second aim was to bring forth the USP of the brand and make it shine. Most such service providers work on an aggregator model, sending third party collaborators to your homes with little verification or background checks. In contrast, EzyDo has trained in-house professionals who are full-time employees, thoroughly verified.

Keeping all this in mind, the story narrative was shaped. At times, some shady characters can land up at your homes, who were depicted with a characteristic nose-shape in the ad. EzyDo ensures your safety by only sending credible employees to you, who were sketched to look the part in the ad. The ‘no entry’ lines further set the final tone.


In the end, all elements came together to showcase the intended message with humour and a deliberate crispness.

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