Bringing a Divine Experience to Senior Citizens Using VR

Setu, when translated, means a “bridge.” Here at Setu Advertising, our thought processes, ideas and executions are aligned to one single approach – ‘bridging’ the gap between our clients and their goals through effective communication. However, this particular story is not about our clients. It is about bridging a gap for a community that we hold dear to us.

Over the years, devotees coming to Pune for witnessing the grandeur of Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati has increased manifold. So much so that it is impossible for the senior citizens of Pune to safely visit their beloved deity. We saw a critical gap here. And aligned our efforts to bridge it.

While many people across the world were immersed in the festive fervor of Ganesh Festival, we were brainstorming on ways to offer an immersive experience of a different kind! An experience that would enable the senior citizens of Pune to witness the aarti, standing right inside the temple, close to the magnificent idol of Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati. Our understanding was clear – If the elderly are unable to attend the aarti, it must be brought to the elderly. After exploring many options, we finally arrived at the ‘big idea’ – To render a highly immersive virtual reality experience of the aarti.

As our ideation progressed we teamed up Digital Art VRe’s team – a firm dedicated to the creation of Virtual Reality content. Together we drafted a consolidated plan with shoot logistics and visual treatments. After thorough planning and acquiring the necessary permissions we were ready for the big day. From shooting to post production, the entire 360° VR aarti experience was completed in just under 2 days!

The VR aarti was presented to Abhalmaya old age home at Sinhagad road. As the residents of Abhalmaya immersed themselves in the VR aarti, their faces lit up and they began to sing along. It’s moments like these that make technology human. We are proud to have bridged yet another gap.

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