A minute and a half of Fashion, Food and Fun: Westend Mall brand film

It’s always been Setu’s keen desire to take up varied projects with a diverse clientele. Recently, we had a chance to work with Westend Mall – the first mall on the western side of Pune city. The task at hand was to create a film which the client could showcase at the Indian Retail Forum, 2016 in Mumbai.

The IRF event is a gathering that consists of major retail brands of the country represented by their marketing decision makers. Here, a film highlighting why retailers should arrive at Westend Mall was to be presented in a minute and a half slot. We shot this film and delivered the final footage in under 2 days.

The film focused on Aundh as a strategic location with a large number of residents, who are all potential mall visitors. The surrounding locations of Baner, Pashan etc. were also highlighted, Westend being the only mall in the vicinity for a considerable radius. Other focus points such as the presence of Pune’s only IMAX theater were also explored. The shoot was carried out with a drone cam and the idea was to create a fast, crisp film with a sharp voice-over for maximum impact.

In the end, the client aprreciated that we were able to showcase their essential philosophy of ‘Fashion. Food. Fun’ through the minute and a half film, and that was highly rewarding for us. Have a look at the film below.

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