Combining bespoke luxury and convenience: Atelier Homes – Shopping Catalogue Launch

Recently, we designed the first home shopping catalogue for the luxury home décor brand Atelier, on their 8th anniversary. For every communication design we work on here at Setu, our creative team understands that each will require a completely different process – in strategy and in execution. Our biggest challenge while working on this catalogue was to present the brand language as bold, yet subtle – as the audience, which includes premium luxury buyers, have a rich yet sombre taste. 

At the root of our strategy, we focused on the USP of the brand Atelier. The kind of customization they provide to their patrons positions them in a niche even amongst luxury brands. What they aim for, is a more personalised approach towards product design while maintaining their signature style. The aim was to catch this pulse of the brand and make sure the catalogue reflects it. Another anchor for us, was the fact that people would use Whatsapp to order the products. Thus, for them to be able to easily click a picture and avail the service was another major goal.

The catalogue has product listings categorised in a user-friendly manner, to enhance the browsing experience. The colour schemes are bright, yet aligned with the brand identity. The product pictures are spaced and positioned in a way that the user can easily click pictures. The products also have little icons which signify tags like gifting ideas for men and women. The numbering on the products makes it easy to quickly browse through prices and range. Ultimately, it was very important for us that the home shopping experience is as splendid as arriving at the Atelier store itself.

The launch opened to a wonderful party  at the Atelier store on 6th October, 2016, and it was a proud moment for us to help the brand initiate a strategic process which would surely drive measurable results.

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