Lighting it up bright and shiny: Pune Diwali Fest 2016

For seven years now, Sakal Media Group has been organizing the Pune Diwali Fest. It was a shopping festival concept that Setu and Sakal ideated and executed together first in 2009. Every year since then, our collaboration has brought consumers joy during the festive season!

The central driving thought behind this endeavour was to promote and strengthen the local businesses amidst hundreds of online shopping offers that crop up during the Diwali month. Due to e-commerce schemes, the daily walk-ins are greatly reduced in number for local players. To provide the consumers with an incentive to shop in retail stores, Sakal sponsors gift coupons, lucky draws and exciting prizes for them. The prizes include a car, two wheelers, home appliances, cell phones and other such white goods.

As Setu is the communication partner for the fest, our deliverables included a sound design strategy in print ads, coupons, standee, arches and posters. This year, we chose Indian wedding-style arches to make the ads look warm and welcoming. These arches were lit with elephant, Goddess Laxmi and floral motifs – as a differentiator from the usual fireworks design amply used in Diwali promotions. The overall look and feel of the design resulted to be that of traditional festivities, in all their bright, joyous glory.

Like every year, we hope the Pune Diwali Fest brings smiles to both the consumers and the local businesses.

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