Sakal Big 3 Home Utsav II – The story of three distinctly effective campaigns under one roof!

After its highly successful first edition in 2105, we here at Setu Advertising executed the communication for the second edition Sakal Big 3 Home Utsav. The bigger challenge this year was that all three participants at Big 3 were our clients. The clear mandate here was to establish and package each communication in such a way that it is distinctly different from the other 2 participants.

Keeping this mandate in mind, we began our process with understanding the offerings of each brand and how we could package it effectively using the identity of each brand. Based on the parameters, we devised strategies and communication which would highlight every client’s USPs in such a way that it does not hamper and shadow the appeal of the other two.

For Vastushodh, known for its extensive work in the segment of affordable housing, we opted for an evolved version of the last year’s campaign. While last year we launched the Vastushodh Gruhachalwal with a rebellious tone which challenged the status quo of prerequisites of one needs to satisfy so as to buy a home, this year we devised a more evolved approach. This year’s communication spoke with a conviction of having broken the convention and confidently promised home-buyers their rightful home, at affordable budgets.

Pate Developer’s positioning appeals to home buyers across segments and budgets.
As an extension of last year’s highly effective campaign, we focussed on the visual elements to keep the communication more relatable. This year’s offer being thrice as better than last year, we designed illustrations which communicated the ‘factor of three’ and its grandeur.

For Mont Vert, a reputed name in western Pune, we devised a unique strategy together with their team – customisation of home deals. The communication revolved around the central thought that “what fits the rest, may not be the best”. Called ‘Deal on Demand’, this offer successfully drew prospective home-buyers to pick and choose not just a home, but an offer that suits their needs perfectly.

While all the three participating brands drew in large numbers from their respective set of targeted home-buyers across Pune, the second edition of Sakal Big 3 Home Utsav also turned out to be a big success.

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