Setu’s Goodvertising for PMC, Ravetkar Group and Mont Vert facilitates a dignified Ganesh Visarjan for Pune

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Every year, towards the end of monsoon, hundreds and thousands of families in Pune welcome their most beloved deity, Ganpati Bappa, to their homes. After an exuberant celebration, they bid him adieu with a heavy heart.

Lately monsoons in India have been quite irregular and unforgiving. Most Ganpati idols get drenched in the rain during the immersion Aarti. The available provisions for immersion at most locations are not enough for performing a dignified farewell Aarti.

Ganesh Visarjan Kiosks
Considering the sentiments of devotees, something had to be done to maintain the sanctity of this farewell ritual. While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly provide an elevated shelter for the idols to be worshipped one last time, before bidding goodbye.

At Setu Advertising we conceptualised a solution to address this challenge – A special booth for immersion called the Visarjan Booth. We pitched this idea to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Our appeal to PMC was to take this initiative up and oversee its execution. Incidentally, PMC under their novel initiative PMC CARE has been proactively taking measures for all-round improvement of the city. And it is through thoughtful planning that PMC is set to achieve its objective. The concept of Visarjan Booth was made to fit perfectly in line with PMC CARE’s planning.

Ganesh Visarjan Kiosks

With the concept in place, our next objective was to make the execution feasible. Real estate developer Mont Vert Luxury Homes and Ravetkar Group have been known for their insightful homes which are beautifully planned. We saw the approach of ‘good planning’ as a common ground to bring PMC Care, Ravetkar Group and Mont Vert Luxury Homes together.

10 Visarjan Booths were set up at each of 4 prominent immersion locations across the city. Devotees gladly utilised these facilities to the fullest. This novel initiative was appreciated by one and all. Setu Advertising has set a new benchmark in advertising by following the approach of goodvertising.


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