Setu creates a positive vibe at CREDAI National Conclave in Delhi.

We crafted 3 films that strengthen the positive impact of Real Estate business. Using the visual medium of communication, Setu Advertising made a successful attempt at shedding a new light on the Real Estate Sector.

The Challenge

Real Estate is often perceived as a fraternity of ruthless money makers, but like every other story, this one too has its other side. At CREDAI Conclave 2016, Mr. Aditya Javdekar, President of CREDAI Youth Wing, aspired to break stereotypes about the business that makes and shapes homes.

The Solution

CREDAI has always taken up initiatives through which the members can extend a hand for the betterment of their task force. We picked the CSR initiatives and looked for some stories that would reflect the impact of these initiatives. We came across a pile of inspirational stories out of which we picked three and converted them into short films that would connect with the viewers emotionally.

The Strategy

The films were based on true incidences. They represented the beneficiaries of CREDAI Educational Scholarship, CREDAI Skill Development along with the efforts put in practice to promote Housing for all scheme by Indian Government. The films were shot in first-person narration where the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude towards developers for making their lives better.

The Presentation

The films were presented in CREDAI Conclave 2017 and appreciated by dignitaries like Sh. M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development, Housing and Poverty Alleviation and Sh.Shekhar Gupta, Senior Journalist & Columnist.

The Result

The films successfully projected the better side of builders – the second highest employers in India who benefit over 50,000 people through their CSR initiatives every year.

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