Setu takes Pune’s leading kid’s decor brand across 45 cities in India.


L’Orange is a premium kids’ room décor brand by Pune-based ace designer Ms. Roheena Nagpal. While L’Orange has only one store in Pune at Phoenix MarketCity, it has become a preferred shopping destination for kids’ room decor. In fact, L’Orange boasts official décor licenses of Avengers, Frozen, Princesses, Barbie, Hotwheels, Spiderman, and other characters loved by kids. It is also the exclusive dealer of Doodlers – a writable kids’ room décor brand that is a trademark of Bennett Colman and Co. Ltd.

With its exclusivity of products and experience in delighting kids with room décor solutions for more than 5 years, L’Orange wanted to reach out to kids across India. While the geographic reach was both a challenge and an opportunity, the trickier part was connecting with people across different demographics.

While the products were meant for kids, the cost associated with the kids made it imperative for us to connect with the parents – who would be the primary decision makers. We designed a communication around the thought – Fun Bachpan. The idea was to give a sense of nostalgia for the parents, and then ask them to gift their kids a memorable childhood. Additionally, the simple idea of nostalgia would connect with parents across India.

The campaign designs focused on showcasing how the products offered by L’Orange delivered on the promise of a happy and memorable childhood. The product installations, themed rooms were showcased in the advertisements in a very strategic manner. In fact, simple design tools were created and incorporated to enhance the product understanding. For example, the uniqueness of using the Doodlers range was illustrated through specially designed icons. This gave both the parents and the kids across the board, a clear idea about the product delights and benefits. This also gave an understanding of the range of products L’Orange had to offer.

The time chosen to showcase the campaign in media was the month of March, which would allow parents to gift their kids something special for the summer holidays.

The mainline campaign focused on getting enquiries through calls as well as channeling queries to the website. This integration helped the brand cater to a larger audience and service them with a hassle-free sales service.


The mainline campaign consisted of 3 half jackets and one exclusive 4-page supplement over a period of 4 weeks. The advertisements were published in 43 editions of TOI, which covered all Indian cities. Simultaneously, the idea of Fun Bachpan was run as a Facebook contest, with freebies and gifts. The website was made more robust and attractive to handle online shopping.


The campaign resulted in more than 1400 sales calls for L’Orange from across India. In fact, it resulted in almost 400 franchisee enquiries for the brand – with minimum 2 enquiries from each city.

In the online space, L’Orange achieved unprecedented results. With over 32,000 website visitors, the L’Orange website was flooded with queries. In fact, the average time spent on the website was almost 5 minutes. The website also witnessed more than 7000 unique registrations.

Brand L’Orange has created its exclusive space in the hearts and minds of both parents and kids. This visibility and noise will definitely help them to be India’s Best Kid’s Décor Brand.


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