Cutting out the obvious from Luxury Living


Portia is an uber-luxurious residential project at Baner, Pune by Vilas Javdekar Developers. Launched in October 2014, it offers quintessential luxury through its PresidencesTM (Premium Residences) with a structure that is eye-catching, to say the least. It also offers customisable floor plans for all its PresidencesTM.

Portia Hoardings_30x10-1



Since its launch in 2014, the visibility for brand Portia was minimal. This has led to its reduced presence in the mind space of not just its target audience, but also the people of Pune. Additionally, with a plethora of residential projects claiming the ‘luxury’ tag, there was a need for brand Portia to talk to the people.


While luxury projects usually rely on the usage of a set of cliched images that symbolise luxury, it also makes them look like ‘one of the many’. For Portia, we decided to break this template by going for a copy-centric campaign which would highlight luxury, differently. As the layout got rid of the regular elements that showcased luxury residences, the copy talked about aspects of Portia that were not well-known. This included flexi-architecture, possession guarantee, and more.


The mainline campaign consisted of a series of three half-page advertisements in TOI. This was ably supported by hoardings that were put up at strategic locations around the project.

Hoarding MocksPortia


The campaign generated a lot of traction for Portia. As the visibility increased, the enquiries, walk-ins, and bookings went up. Customers admitted that Portia was already on their mind, and the campaign helped them go ahead with the decision of booking a residence at Portia. The tone of the communication was also appreciated. The campaign not only served the purpose, but went beyond.




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