Shaping the identity of Women Entrepreneurship in Real Estate

CREDAI Women’s Wing (CWW) is a vertical of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India), and focusses on empowering women in this segment, which has been traditionally dominated by men. The CREDAI Women’s Wing aims to achieve this through training and engagement of women real estate developers, across India.

Real Estate and CREDAI have garnered a reputation of being male-centric or dominated, over the years. The first and foremost challenge faced by CREDAI Women’s Wing was to create an identity that would highlight it as an organisation run by the women, for the women.

An identity with a strong symbol can be a highly effective tool for communicating a brand’s motive and can create a lasting impression. We decided to understand the core values that strongly represent the personality of the CREDAI Women’s Wing. Through our interactions, we narrowed down on 3 key drivers –  confidence, leadership, and trust.


In India, a red bindi (a circular accessory on a woman’s forehead), is the most popular traditional yet cultural symbol for a woman. We used this red bindi to establish the woman-centric approach of CREDAI Women’s Wing. We complemented it with a free stroke that symbolised positivity and naari shakti (woman power). The font used in the identity, further strengthened this confidence and leadership values.

Touchpoints 05-07

Touchpoints 05-08RESULTS:
The identity formed an instant connect with the members of the CREDAI Women’s Wing. As it perfectly captured the brand motive and philosophy, it gave a great stepping stone for this new brand to impose itself in the minds of its target audience, and establish a strong connect with them.

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