Crafting a reassuring brand promise in the era of RERA

With the core objective of not just building homes, but memorable lifestyles, Rachana forayed into creating developments at the most prime locations in Pune, 30 years back. Since then, these residential and commercial complexes have stood the test of time to embellish the skyline of the city. Along with delivering what suits the customers’ needs best, Rachana Lifestyle as a brand stands strong on its sound financial background and deep-rooted values of transparency.

While RERA was introduced to empower the homebuyer, there was a sense of anxiety among the buyers. At this point, it was important for a sound brand like Rachana Lifestyle to communicate the fact that home buying with them was and will always be peaceful, calm, and a delightful process. Where simple things like peace of mind when buying a home is rare, Rachana promised to make the customer’s life and world better through the lifestyles they deliver. It was important for the brand communication to embody this message.

With an objective to cater to this challenge we devised a corporate campaign highlighting how Rachana strives to make the home-buyer’s world better. This thought was based on the idea that simple joys always make the larger difference. In a clutter where everyone was making larger promises, Rachana was making a difference by delivering simple things like peace of mind, calmness, and delight. All these factors played the key role in making the world a better place. Be it through their charitable endeavours or transparent dealings!


We executed an extensive hoarding campaign across Pune. The thought of delivering a better world was highlighted through a clean layout and clear communication. By focusing on the three most important human aspects of calmness, peace, and delight, we created an unforgettable impression in the viewers’ minds. The serene yet expressive faces strategically placed and used as visuals, beautifully synced with our keywords. They added the right touch of warmth to make a better impact. Most of all, they reflected the philosophy of a ‘better world’ that Rachana Lifestyle works incessantly to deliver.

A brand campaign in real estate that spoke about the simple joys of life, was a refreshing change for the home buyers. This registered Rachana as an honest and believable brand in the hearts and minds of the people!  


Addressing the uncertainty of MOMs-to-be with care

The ONP group of hospitals are leaders for medical care in Western Maharashtra. Along with being pioneers of IVF and mother & child care in Pune, ONP is known for its expertise across India and the world. The brand goes beyond medical care by providing cutting-edge treatments combined with the comfort of experienced doctors. With a specialisation in mother and child care, they have always felt responsible for catering to the challenges of maternity, addressing them with care.

Recent surveys in the maternity sector had made it very evident that most of the mothers are advised to go through a caesarean delivery. The escalating costs and uncertainty of a normal or a Caesarean delivery, put an emotional and financial burden on many families. Be it a normal delivery or a caesarean, eliminating the emotional and financial uncertainty associated with deliveries was the need of the hour! That’s where a brand like ONP offering quality care at a fixed cost came into picture.

With an objective to cater to this challenge we devised the Master of Maternity (MOM) program for ONP. The MOM program offered uncompromising care at a fixed price of Rs. 29,999/- only. This program was made available at the ONP Tulip Hospital (Gokhale Nagar) and the ONP Meera Hospital (Shankar Sheth Road) with dedicated number of beds for the MOM initiative. We created a logo for the MOM initiative to give it a distinguished identity and caring appeal. For the full benefits of MOM, we had pre-enrollments and registrations for the moms-to-be.

Hoarding Mocks

With an agenda to make MOM reach the masses so as to fulfil ONP’s social duty towards women along with paediatric care, we created hoardings across Pune. The communication was clear and highlighted the benefits of enrolling for the MOM program. Along with outdoor media, we created excellent PR through a press release that established the objective of the initiative. A press kit was created to reach out in the best possible manner and make a mark. With good media coverage, we were able to create awareness amidst the masses through leading newspapers. This was accompanied by other print media in the form of letters, leaflets, and enrolment forms.

The MOM initiative and campaign generated a lot of buzz, and ONP received a good amount of registrations and enrolments for the same. Through this social endeavour, ONP was able to give their best care and support to women and their families.

Shaping the identity of Women Entrepreneurship in Real Estate

CREDAI Women’s Wing (CWW) is a vertical of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India), and focusses on empowering women in this segment, which has been traditionally dominated by men. The CREDAI Women’s Wing aims to achieve this through training and engagement of women real estate developers, across India.

Real Estate and CREDAI have garnered a reputation of being male-centric or dominated, over the years. The first and foremost challenge faced by CREDAI Women’s Wing was to create an identity that would highlight it as an organisation run by the women, for the women.

An identity with a strong symbol can be a highly effective tool for communicating a brand’s motive and can create a lasting impression. We decided to understand the core values that strongly represent the personality of the CREDAI Women’s Wing. Through our interactions, we narrowed down on 3 key drivers –  confidence, leadership, and trust.


In India, a red bindi (a circular accessory on a woman’s forehead), is the most popular traditional yet cultural symbol for a woman. We used this red bindi to establish the woman-centric approach of CREDAI Women’s Wing. We complemented it with a free stroke that symbolised positivity and naari shakti (woman power). The font used in the identity, further strengthened this confidence and leadership values.

Touchpoints 05-07

Touchpoints 05-08RESULTS:
The identity formed an instant connect with the members of the CREDAI Women’s Wing. As it perfectly captured the brand motive and philosophy, it gave a great stepping stone for this new brand to impose itself in the minds of its target audience, and establish a strong connect with them.

Cutting out the obvious from Luxury Living


Portia is an uber-luxurious residential project at Baner, Pune by Vilas Javdekar Developers. Launched in October 2014, it offers quintessential luxury through its PresidencesTM (Premium Residences) with a structure that is eye-catching, to say the least. It also offers customisable floor plans for all its PresidencesTM.

Portia Hoardings_30x10-1



Since its launch in 2014, the visibility for brand Portia was minimal. This has led to its reduced presence in the mind space of not just its target audience, but also the people of Pune. Additionally, with a plethora of residential projects claiming the ‘luxury’ tag, there was a need for brand Portia to talk to the people.


While luxury projects usually rely on the usage of a set of cliched images that symbolise luxury, it also makes them look like ‘one of the many’. For Portia, we decided to break this template by going for a copy-centric campaign which would highlight luxury, differently. As the layout got rid of the regular elements that showcased luxury residences, the copy talked about aspects of Portia that were not well-known. This included flexi-architecture, possession guarantee, and more.


The mainline campaign consisted of a series of three half-page advertisements in TOI. This was ably supported by hoardings that were put up at strategic locations around the project.

Hoarding MocksPortia


The campaign generated a lot of traction for Portia. As the visibility increased, the enquiries, walk-ins, and bookings went up. Customers admitted that Portia was already on their mind, and the campaign helped them go ahead with the decision of booking a residence at Portia. The tone of the communication was also appreciated. The campaign not only served the purpose, but went beyond.




Happy Streets goes viral with #SetuDigital Task Force!

A special initiative needs a special digital team to work on making it big! “Happy Streets” activity powered by Vilas Javdekar Developers + Times of India was one such initiative which needed special attention and coverage on the Social Media platforms of Vilas Javdekar Developers.

A lot of rich digital content was generated by our digital team over 12 Sundays.

> 20 Happy Streets Videos
> 360 degree videos for Facebook
> Live Tweets on all 12 Sundays
> 120 Instagram Stories
> 11 Contests followed by Give aways

Reach on Social Media Platforms (Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Youtube)
> Total Impressions : 10,93,137
> Total Engagements : 19,547 (Reactions + Comments + Shares + RTs + Hearts)

Read along to know more…

“Happy Streets” powered by Vilas Javdekar Developers
Vilas Javdekar Group is a reputed real estate company which believes in building a community of happy people who live an active life.  They saw an opportunity at connecting with such people through the Times of India initiative Happy Streets. The event which is spread across 12 Sundays in the winters, hosts many activities in different residential locations of Pune. This year it was conducted in 5 prime locations. The idea is to make the streets of Pune available to the residents to have a Happy Sunday on the Streets which are otherwise very noisy and busy with vehicles. Vehicle free streets of Pune are a bliss for the residents to enjoy a lot of fun activities such as Drum Circle, Cycling, Zumba, Skating, Football, Yoga, Tug Of War, Selfie Booths among many others thus building a strong community.

VJ Live Stage is one of the main activities at Happy Streets. It gives the residents a platform to showcase their talent on the stage and helps in getting rid of the Stage fear. Residents enjoy showcasing their talents through Dancing, Singing etc.

Tweeting Live from the event!

Setu Digital, Setu Advertising, Happy Streets, Vilas Javdekar Developers, Digital Agency 2

Live Tweet sessions at Happy Streets by Twitteratis from the Setu Digital Team

360 degree video of Drum Circle at Happy Streets

Social Media Contests and Give Aways

Its fun when the entire Digital Team comes together for events like these to populate content and make it reach the correct audience!


Setu creates a positive vibe at CREDAI National Conclave in Delhi.

We crafted 3 films that strengthen the positive impact of Real Estate business. Using the visual medium of communication, Setu Advertising made a successful attempt at shedding a new light on the Real Estate Sector.

The Challenge

Real Estate is often perceived as a fraternity of ruthless money makers, but like every other story, this one too has its other side. At CREDAI Conclave 2016, Mr. Aditya Javdekar, President of CREDAI Youth Wing, aspired to break stereotypes about the business that makes and shapes homes.

The Solution

CREDAI has always taken up initiatives through which the members can extend a hand for the betterment of their task force. We picked the CSR initiatives and looked for some stories that would reflect the impact of these initiatives. We came across a pile of inspirational stories out of which we picked three and converted them into short films that would connect with the viewers emotionally.

The Strategy

The films were based on true incidences. They represented the beneficiaries of CREDAI Educational Scholarship, CREDAI Skill Development along with the efforts put in practice to promote Housing for all scheme by Indian Government. The films were shot in first-person narration where the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude towards developers for making their lives better.

The Presentation

The films were presented in CREDAI Conclave 2017 and appreciated by dignitaries like Sh. M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development, Housing and Poverty Alleviation and Sh.Shekhar Gupta, Senior Journalist & Columnist.

The Result

The films successfully projected the better side of builders – the second highest employers in India who benefit over 50,000 people through their CSR initiatives every year.

An idea that united 25,000+ Food Lovers. #KopFoodFest!

The first of its kind, an authentic Kolhapuri Food Festival visited the food lovers of Pune in March 2017. With a unique theme and a vibrant venue, Kolhapur Food Festival captured the imagination of 25,000+ Pune’s foodies.



Concept and Execution
Setu Advertising conceptualised and designed this unique event in Pune – Kolhapur Food Fest which was executed along with White Copper Entertainment. The thoughtful administration of White Copper team made the event as seamless as anticipated! Unlike the innumerable food festivals in Pune, this food fest invited famous eateries from Kolhapur to ensure that Pune’s food lovers enjoy authentic Kolhapuri cuisine, served by the best from Kolhapur.

Strategic Tie-Ups
The Kolhapur Food Fest was organised in Pune over 3 days, spread over a weekend. To ensure that the best eateries from Kolhapur participated in the fest, we tied up with Kolhapur Eateries, the biggest Facebook community of Kolhapur’s foodies. This not only allowed us to filter the best names from Kolhapur but also created a greater local connect to penetrate the Kolhapur food chains for scouting.

Highlights of #KopFoodFest
> 30 authentic eateries from Kolhapur (Rajabhau Bhel, Hotel Padma, The Castle hotel, Rajabaal paan, Phadtare Misal, Gavran Misal, M..M..Masoora, Hotel Tambda-Pandhara)

> 25 stalls at the Kolhapur Flea Market (Kolhapuri Chappal, Chipade Saraf, Jaggery and Kakwi, Narsobawadi Basundi, Amba Bhadang, Hotel Mirchi)

> Kolhapur Bazaar : Procurement of famous Kolhapuri spices and food items (Pudachi vadi, Korate chutney, Javas chutney, Deepak Farsaan, Kharidaal, Sanglichi halad) and few Bakery items like Milk bread, Fruit bread, Pav butter, Khari (Yalgud bakery, Bharat bakery) from Kolhapur.

Instead of opting for only traditional media to promote the fest, we promoted Kolhapur Food Fest through an innovative combination of new-age and conventional media.

Through Kolhapur Eateries, potential participant eateries were targeted to join the festival in Pune. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) was majorly used for event promotion. Strategic tie-ups, curated content and smart execution resulted in huge engagement on new media.

A few hoardings were placed at strategic locations in the city. Posters at offices & youth hotspots and posters on the premises of event partners were extensively used. An offline News Coverage in Kolhapur helped in getting the authentic names on board.


Event Venue and Decor
The event venue was decked up with innovative branding, colourful buntings, photo opportunity decks, Entertainment Zone, Children’s play area and so on.

We had decided to go Cashless with a Swipe Card by ‘Book My Show’. This card was issued to the entrants, which could be loaded with money and swiped at all the counters. It eliminated the hassles of using cash.


All in all, The Idea, Strategic Tieups, Content curated during the festival and Smart Execution was the key of the success of #KopFoodFest!