Setu wins Gold at Goafest 2017!

Goafest award 2017The Gold award was part of 57 Gold metals given out of 421 total metals at the 3-day festival. A total of 4582 entries from 254 participating organisations fought for the metals.


Recently, Setu witnessed a proud moment at Goafest 2017 – the most reputed national level advertising awards of India. Organised by The Ad Club and AAAI, Goafest or Abby as it is popularly known, was marked by the most number of entries and participating organisations at 4,582 and 254, respectively.


The Gold came for our entry in the Public Relations category (Event & Experiential PR) for the concept & execution of Ganesh Immersion Booths during Ganesh festival 2016.

Setu Advertising’s Ganesh Immersion Booths for PMC Care, beat competition from reputed national and international brands like Airtel, Intel, Dainik Bhaskar, Lux, Saffola, Asian Paints, and others, to win the coveted Gold.

A simple idea and genuine effort to give a clean and dignified welcome to our beloved lord Ganesha inspired us to design special immersion installations which were called Ganesh Visarjan Booths. These booths were crafted to provide a platform to place the idols during the aarti along with a shelter.

Ganesh Visarjan KiosksGanesh Visarjan Kiosks


We pitched this idea to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) with an appeal to take this initiative up and oversee its execution. 40 Visarjan Booths were set up at each of the 5 prominent immersion locations across the city. Devotees gladly utilised these facilities to the fullest.

The booths won the hearts of the devotees and put a smile on their face, getting us our first gold at the Goafest 2017.

Digital and Advertising – A relationship at a crossroad

Our Digital Head, Dhanashree Shinde, was invited to speak at Pune’s very first Digital Marketing Conference hosted by 24ADP held on 6th and 7th June. And she took this opportunity to put across her insights about the Digital arena, through the unique perspective of someone who has actively been involved in the non-digital activities of an advertising agency.


The topic she chose was centered on the relationship between the mainline advertising and digital advertising and the constant confusion that brands face about whether to work with standalone Digital Agencies or their existing Traditional Advertising Agencies who have an integrated digital wing.

Here are some excerpts from her talk:


Every evolving medium, including digital, takes more efforts to disconnect from established and conventional media to establish its identity. It has its own identity anyway. You need not disconnect it from conventional mediums. The language, rules, formats or advantages of each could be different but isolating one from another will be a great loss for brands that are evolving.
The consumer often forgets where he has read about XYZ brand story. He recollects the story/visual language. For him media is secondary. People don’t even identify few mediums as ‘advertising’ or ‘brand-building’…  And these mediums are some of the best mediums that you can use. SMM is one of them.


Today the need is to connect advertising with digital, and both with experience. If a product or service experience is bad, it will be shared on the digital platform faster than any other medium. And addressing this feedback effectively leads to goodwill and positivity being created around the brand. That’s the greatest strength of this medium which is still mostly unexplored.


There are some clients who are still stuck on number of Likes and number of Shares that they expect from a particular post/campaign. Few think handling a brand page is the easiest thing to do.

Some of the typical quotes we hear from clients are:
“Why should I hire a person simply to manage my brands social presence? I can post on social networks on my own!”

“I don’t need social media marketing; I am paying for traditional marketing.”

But there are a few digitally literate clients as well. They want to know what spend for their GDN campaign will balance out the rest conventional media spends. They consider Facebook promotion to be a part of the campaign and accordingly set out the budgets. The digital media spends are getting higher day by day whereas the digital agency fees are lowering.

Integration has become a mandate!

Integration of Digital and Conventional world advertising will lead to organic growth of the clients businesses. The two worlds are married now. Brands don’t need a separate Digital Strategy. The Brand Strategy is already in place, and it simply needs to be integrated in the Digital world as well!

News Channels need to focus on simplicity. Observations and analysis of election results broadcast.

As we all can imagine, Vote Counting Day is a special day for news channels. It’s full of many challenges. Information is dynamic, multilayered and highly volatile. Screen space is limited. Engaging viewers, throwing dynamic insights, igniting interesting discussions and simplifying information is important.

Revenue generating space needs to be accommodated on the same screen space. Motivating viewers to be more interactive through Social Media is another task. Complexity increases when there are elections in multiple states.

I was witnessing this on Sunday, 8th Dec and realised that we need better information designers working for television industry. Some channels are trying to innovate new models where as some are ignoring viewer needs and sticking to their brands colours and good looking graphics.


Compared to News Channels, I think Sports Channels are investing good amount of efforts and money. I also understand that the nature of content is different and revenue models are different too. Sharing some screen shots here to analyze and support my statement.




I have always been a simplicity fan. As Hans Hofmann says, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” Are you listening news channels?

– Rugwed Deshpande, Director of Setu Advertising, Pune.

Published in ‘Sanctuary Asia’ – A Tiger’s Plea … By ‘Setu Advertising’


This advertisement for Sanctuary Asia was published in its June 2013 issue, ahead of the Global Tiger Day.


This definitely is one of our proud moments. Setu Advertising’s ad with concerns to wildlife & the deteriorating number of tigers was published by ‘Sanctuary Asia’ in their June 2013 issue.
The team at Setu that moulded their concern and creativity on to the screen has undoubtedly done a remarkable job.

See it for yourself! If not before, you’ll definitely feel the pinch for our national animal, now.



Mihir – As to what made him craft a concept as this one.

A nature lover since childhood, I developed love for animals and birds, starting from my own backyard. As I grew up, so did my concern for wildlife and environment. It pained me to see the destruction of trees and animals for selfish and commercial purposes.

Since advertising is my profession, I thought what better way to contribute towards the conservation of wildlife and saving the tiger, than through an advertisement. I thought of different ways to put forth the issue of tiger conservation and get people’s attention. Eventually, the nature lover and the artist in me worked in tandem, to come up with an effective idea.

I didn’t want this ad to just create sympathy in the viewers mind, about the deteriorating state of tigers. I wanted people to feel hopeful about the future of this beautiful animal and its image to linger in their minds for a long time. Thus, the idea of comparing the camouflage of the animal with it disappearance came into being.

This is how the team managed to pull it off!

Visual : The visual is a landscape of a typical tiger habitat. It looks like an ordinary landscape at first, but on a closer inspection, reveals a well camouflaged tiger. The visual is not a single photograph, but has been crafted to create the effect of being one. It comprises of two images mixed together, the first image of the landscape and the second, that of the tiger.



Copy :  “Camouflage is one thing. Disappearance is another.”

The copy drives the reader to look at the visual closely to figure out whether a tiger is actually seen or not. It challenges the viewer in spotting the tiger, thus making the advertisement engaging. On spotting the tiger, the reader feels ecstatic. This entire experience replicates the experience of spotting a tiger during a jungle safari.



Impact : The advertisement was successful in urging the audience to think about the depleting number of tigers and the consequences of tiger disappearance. It led to the realization that it is indeed the tiger that adds value to a forest, and with sincere human efforts the majestic animal can be saved.


Virality : Likes….. Shares….. Comments…. Appreciations !


Click on the image to visit the Sanctuary Asia Facebook Page


Credits : 

Agency : Setu Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Director : Rugwed Deshpande
Creative Head (Art) : Nasir Shaikh
Concept & Art : Mihir Joglekar
Copy : Mihir Joglekar
Design : Hrishikesh Deshpande, Vinesh Shinde
Technical Design : Nitin Deshmukh, Rajesh Vangari


“We need to break that stereotype. My younger creatives in Pune need to walk out of their nut-shells and explore the creativity that is flourishing outside too.” so says Nasir Shaikh, the Creative Art Head at Setu Advertising.

Of Portfolios and ‘Horns’, Of Creativity and Response!

Portfolio Night, a platform for the young-guns of the creative world. A dais for aspiring advertising professionals to display their portfolio or even to receive guided feedback, from a panel of around 30 odd renowned National Creative Directors of Indian Advertising. The NCDs as we call them.

Setu had its stint with this obviously glamourous Portfolio Night on the 22nd of May, 2013. Two of Setu’s creative professionals entered their portfolios at Portfolio Night, Mumbai. The agenda here was simple. Feedback. Only worthwhile feedback on their work was their aim, along with the much hyped ‘taste’ of this event.


Nasir Shaikh, the Creative Art Head at Setu Advertising is mesmerized and charged up within his capabilities. Why shouldn’t he be, after all, his work did receive appreciation. Something he is proud about, and so are we.

What would like to share with your younger generation of advertisers? Something that you strongly feel should be changed?

Nasir: The advertising world is diverse across cities. We need to break that stereotype. My younger creatives in Pune need to walk out of their nut-shells and explore the creativity that is flourishing outside too. The stereo-type about Pune’s being a ‘local advertising arena’ needs to change. And the only ones who can make this difference count are the upcoming advertisers in this cosmo-city.

Why so? What makes you think they aren’t up for a presentation (portfolio) of this kind?

Nasir: Mostly, because I have seen some kind of hesitation in young advertising individuals. They are not very open about entering events such as Portfolio Night. I wish to tell them to leave their fears about rejection behind, in case that is what they are worried about. Over 90 creative professionals walk in with their portfolios each year; it’s so overwhelming.


On the other hand, Mihir Joglekar, who was also applauded with the ‘horns’ (the typical Portfolio Night applause) for his stunning illustrations had critique based views.

So Mihir, What drove you to Portfolio Night this year?

Mihir: I was there mainly for feedback. It is always great to get an opinion and critique on your work from the industry heavyweights.

What charged you up the most about this one-of-a-kind portfolio presentation?

Mihir: Those 15 minutes. That time is enough for these industry experts to get an idea of what you are capable of. They’re critique gives you a sense of how your work can be looked at in the international market. It is a great moral-boost to receive feedback from industry professionals.

Some snapshots of the nite …



Two diverse and very rational views on Portfolio Night 2013 were received and we are taking it ahead from here. Await our experiences on many such events, ideas and projections!

A Souvenir from Setu’s Founder, to Marathi Copy-writing!

Today, the 27th of April, 2013 is going to be a red-letter day for the Deshpande brothers of Setu Advertising. To give you a gist of why we say this, let’s go 27 years down memory lane.

Since the year 1985, they saw their father build a platform. They saw him struggle. They saw him write.
Mr. Sharad Deshpande was growing in his flair for writing. It so happened that his passion to play with words and simplicity had started becoming a noted style in Marathi Copy-writing .

With a handful of devoted clients, dignity in his heart and a belief in simple writing, our Founder-Director set-on his journey of advertising – copy-writing. It’s unbelievable but his writings actually touch a corner in your heart; and, the only way you can describe his play-of-words is courageous.

Today, our Founder has 50 years of Marathi Copy-writing to his credit, and, Rugwed and Rutuparna have managed to capture it all and compile it into a beautiful documentation. This is Mr. Sharad Deshpande’s very own book, ‘Shabdaarth – The journey of a Copy-writer’. The first book ever written on Marathi Copy-writing!
And today, is the launch of this benchmark book. To add to the joy, it also happens to be
Mr. Deshpande’s Birthday today! Our heart-felt wishes for a man that not only gave Marathi Copy-writing a creative identity but also gave us our beloved agency, Setu Advertising!

Thank you Sir!




You can order your copy online :