A journey for curious minds: KDY#14

There is a reason that man is called a social animal. It’s because, together, we become better. When we share knowledge, insights, information, experiences amongst ourselves; we grow.


This year, we were happy to experience this social learning and growth at the Kyoorius Designyatra 2014.


Being creative minds, we’re always looking for inspiration.  And we surely found LOADS of it at this year’s Kyoorius Designyatra. Here’s are some of the ‘gems’ from the treasure trove of knowledge that we took back with us!



TIM MALBON (Founding Partner, Made by Many)

“Starting small is the best way to make something big.”

“Making something useful works better than traditional marketing.”

“We live in a world where everything is connected.”

ELIZABETH MCGUANE (Content & Strategy User Experience Design)

“You have to be able to talk and willing to change.”

“Bad content is just a symptom that something else is wrong.”

“Building a system requires more communication than fixed process.”


“Digital is about People, Companies, Learning, Change”

 SIMON MANCHIPP & DAVID LAW (Founders, Co-Owners, Executive Strategic Creative Directors, SomeOne)

“If you roam with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

“Most brands are so busy with telling a story that they forget that no one is interested!”

“Be Adaptive. Be Entertaining. Let go. Make systems not logos. Find Edges. Break & Rebuild. Believe”

 NATASHA JEN (Partner, Pentagram)

“Stay calm and keep hustling.”

“Lego pieces are like pixels. We push and pull them to design!”

TODD ROVAK (Managing Partner, Fahrenheit 212)

‘Innovation is a discipline: you can train, you can learn, you can get better’



“Innovation = an experiment with unknown outcomes.”

“The test of a good organisation is, if they disappear then society would be poorer.”

“Progress only happens when organizations get out of their comfort zone.”

“Big companies have operational excellence but they’re boring, small companies have creativity & experiments but they don’t scale.”

“The big won’t always replace the small, but the simple will always replace the complex.”

“Democratise | Simplify | Author | Revolutionise | Organise | Values – Six strengths of Limitless Leadership.”

 IVAN CHERMAYEFF (Principal, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv)

“Do something simple and make it memorable.”

“Simple, appropriate and memorable: that’s what the great designs are!”

MORIHIKO HASEBE (Executive Creative Director, Hakuhodo Inc.)

“The future business is Life Design.”

DAVID BERMAN (Founder, David Berman Communications)

“Design is Life and Death!”

“Don’t just do good design, do good!”