I have designs on you.

Furniture. This phenomenon for Setu in the past was quite an interesting one. Previously, the creative team at Setu had a ball-of-a-time to work on one such Furniture brand. As we never fall short of excitement and adventurous brainstorming sessions, once again came a ‘brand’ that set a challenge ahead of us. Indoor Designer Furniture by Achalare.

We needed to define the positioning of the brand, an identity had to be created that could withstand completion with élan and attitude. Thus, after a few sessions (on the brand and it’s requirements) the Setu Creative Team, came to a conclusion that proved effective after all.

The target segment was the Super-Premium / elite class of Furniture buyers. Ones who opt for glass, wood and metal as decor choices. They go for furniture that compliments their lifestyle the best and speaks volume about their personalities. And we offered them Lifestyle (not just furniture).



Talking about the identity creation…

The aim behind crafting the logo for Indoor was to create a remarkably striking logo that stands out amongst its competition. The design technique used was to make it easily differentiable from the crowd. With regards to the colour scheme, the sole motive was to use the colours apart from the commonly used shades. And so, we settled on the bright ‘orange’ and graceful ‘white’ (The kind that will flash on an instant recall).

Communication was a bit tricky to decide on, as we did not want to sound like every other furniture brand. The target audience is the crème de la crème of the society & we decided to position INDOOR as a Furniture Brand and not ‘a showroom’ like the rest. So, we strategically portrayed ‘Lifestyle’ in our communication and stayed away from ‘only furniture’ visuals.

As for the name, it speaks volumes. The word designer explains the ‘customization’ idea of Indoor. You fix on your designs and Indoor masters it for you.