4,945 likes. 4,021 talking about it !

While working on the Jaihind account, we realised that most of our target group was approachable through the internet. Social media platforms to be precise. Therefore, an effective digital campaign was considered imperative as it was expected to complement the communication placed in the traditional media. We hence chose to make good use of online tools to enhance the Jaihind Style Quotient campaign launch.

Handling Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts of Jaihind is great fun!
Jaihind SMM handling

Apart from these, we also keep their YouTube channel alive! Facebook, which is the most popular of all these tools among the target group, we used it effectively to engage with the fans.

A simple contest : “JaihindSQ Style Icon”.

Jaihind FB 1

The Contest was conducted on the occasion of their recently opened Camp store. This constituted an in-store activity, in which participants were helped by a team of professional stylists to choose their apparel and were also provided with appropriate hair and makeup to match their outfit. They were then photographed by a professional photographer, and these photographs were uploaded on Jaihind’s official Facebook page. The photographs which received the maximum number of likes were declared winners and gifted with exciting shopping vouchers.

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The participants showed great enthusiasm in sharing their own pictures and gathering likes in the contest. The activity got a superb response! In a matter of three days, which included a weekend, more than 133 men participated in the contest. From 1st May to 1st June 2014, since we started posting on the page, it has seen whopping 151% increase in page ” likes “, with a reach of 1,18,566!

88% of the page visits were by men. Now these are some interesting figures…Having around 4,945 page likes, around 4,021 people are talking about it ! Which means, 81% engagement levels !
Photo screen shot


We at Setu Digital were super excited to see the number of notifications every single hour with this activity. We have quite a few contests and rich media lined up for Jaihind SMM ! Stay tuned.