Being a Santa for SOFOSH, again

SOFOSH (Society Of Friends Of the Sassoon Hospitals) is a cause that we, at Setu, have always stood for. Last year, for Christmas, we successfully brought this organization on Social Media with our ‘Be A Santa’ initiative and reached  over 17,000 people with the awareness campaign of ‘1 like = 1 rupee donated’. So this year, we decided to reincarnate the initiative with a new twist.


On speaking with the authorities at SOFOSH, we got to know that there were certain commodities that they were in immediate need of at the facility. This included small items like diapers, silo containers, light bulbs, clocks, medicine trays, body lotion etc. So we decided to use the online platform to get across these requirements to the public, so that SOFOSH could have a brighter New Year.


Instead of focusing on the requirements, though, we decided to focus on the stories behind these requirements, so that the audience could understand the emotional value behind these materialistic requirements.

Be a santa-12     Be a santa-09

The response was immediate. In the time span of a week, the posts reached over 28,000 people. We started getting calls and messages from people, asking how they could help. We directed them to the right sources and, before we knew it, we had managed to help SOFOSH fulfill all their requirements.