SMW Bangalore 2015: Takeaways

Some members of Setu Digital were a part of the ‘Social Media Week’, held in Bangalore between 22nd and 27th February 2015. A lot of knowledge was acquired, a lot of things were unlearnt and a lot of insights were gained in these 5 days. And because we believe that knowledge only grows when shared, we had a great knowledge-sharing session for everyone at Setu.



“These kind of conferences
mainly push you to do things
that you are already aware of!”
– Dhanashree Shinde (Manager, Setu Digital)

In the session we discussed the importance of ‘now’, the relevance of content and the use of relevant #hashtags, the utility of apps, the rise of the mobile, the nascent-ness of Podcasts and the wave of videos – basically anything and everything to do with Social Media.


In the end, we all left the room wiser and more enthusiastic than ever. And we’re charged up to translate this real life enthusiasm into the digital world!

In the spirit of ‘knowledge for all, we’ve also embedded a copy of the presentation below, for anyone interested in Social Media. Browse through it for some quick takeaways. Enjoy!

Riding the digital wave!

On Social Media, constantly changing trends means you have to be quick on your feet. And we proved this yet again with an impromptu ‘Flash Contest’ we held for W­ādeshwar.


It all started off very unpredictably. While monitoring the current trends in the city on Twitter, we noticed that everyone was conversing about the release of the movie ‘PK’. Hashtags like #PKjaana #PKaana and #PK were trending, indicating that people were keen on watching the film as soon as they could lay their hands on some tickets.


And so we decided to jump on the ‘PK bandwagon’ with a contest of our own to surprise W­­­ādeshwar’s fans & followers. Over the next 15 minutes, we booked a few tickets to the evening show and formulated a quiz style contest we could host on twitter. Fans and followers simply had to answer the questions correctly to win movie tickets.



IMG-20141220-WA0003 IMG-20141219-WA0009IMG-20141219-WA0010

Within an hour we executed the entire contest, right from conducting the contest to contacting the winners with details of their tickets. With 43 tweets and retweets in the time-frame and five winners being picked, the engagement levels were raised with this quick initiative. More importantly, though, we offered a great experience to the social media audience, which culminated with them having an unexpectedly fun evening at the movies!


Putting the ‘social’ in Social Media Day!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at Setu, and the 5th Annual Social Media Day popped up like an opportunity to give us a break! 30th June is celebrated as Social Media Day worldwide. We thought of having some fun activities at Setu Digital. A small n quick event that would energize us, inspire us and, at the same time, celebrate the phenomenon of Social Media.

The ENERGY came from the super-charged social media quiz that we held for the non-digital members of the office.

The INSPIRATION came from a small session we held, where we shared some great case studies of Social Media innovations. It got our creative juices flowing and renewed our pursuit of creating bigger and better social media initiatives (like the very successful #JaihindSQ campaign we recently executed).

CELEBRATIONS took place with the lovely little ‘social media cupcakes’ we got baked specially for the occasion, just to add some more flavour of Social Media ness in the air!

The ‘Social Media’ theme was carried forward through not just the content, but the décor as well. The office was filled with balloons in whites (Facebook), blues (Twitter) and reds (Pinterest/YouTube), to commemorate the giants of the digital world.

It was a truly ‘social’ evening, with everyone taking something back with them – whether it was ideas, knowledge, a sense of camaraderie… or just a balloon they could burst later!



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Vastushodh is also infected with Social Media, thanks to ‘Setu Digital’!

Image “The journey of Setu Digital over the year marked newly explored mediums …digital jargons in the air… social-media  friendly resources…. everything was driven with a ‘let’s-give-it-a-shot’ flavour. And today, we laid a new benchmark for ourselves, by conducting social media workshops for our clientele.”

– Dhanashree Shinde,
Manager  – Digital Brand Services,
Setu Advertising.

“It all started when I, Dhanashree, struck a rather interesting discussion with Rugwed (Our Director), on honing ones ‘knack’ of Social Media. “You need to be on your toes 24×7”, he said. That very thought arouse a very odd adrenaline rush in me. I was excited at the thought of working 24×7!

There began a year-long process of exploring, observing trends, attending digital conferences, social media workshops for marketers; and finally…Setu Digital was born! (Very cliché, but true)

Of the one year that ‘Setu Digital’ has been in process, the clients readily believed in our passion, and once we had our ground-work ready, they let us work on their digital portfolio as well. This was solely due to our experience of ‘understanding the designing strategy behind generating substantial content’. It definitely helped us a lot.

Post one year of handling the digital base for most clients, we realized that the motive was not to only acquire clients on to the digital platform. It was first about making them social-media friendly. After all, we needed them to be equally excited. And so, yet another idea came ringing…A Social Media Workshop, for our prospective clientele. Our first being, Vastushodh.

A date fixed, a time fixed; 7th of June was the day. Literally on our toes, we were at our eccentric best, introducing the top-management of Vastushodh to the trending world of Social-Media. This was not a ‘services we offer’ presentation; It was rather a plain, simple session to open their personal accounts on Social Media platforms and get them trending. A blend of theory, practicality and games in the workshop made it interesting as well as comfortable for them to get active, socially! And hola!….The 2 directors and the Vice-president of Vastushodh have now taken to the Facebook and Twitter lingo! By the looks of it, they’re loving it. We shall be having few follow up sessions too.

This ‘learning and grooming’ has got us going. We know we’ll get there someday, but as of now we have our hands ‘digitally-full’, conducting workshops and spreading the fever far-n-wide.”