Of oomph and seduction

Seduction, it is said, is a woman’s domain. But not always. A male model in dapper outfits woos a stylish lass, in a new ad campaign. Appealing colour scheme and fine photography speak for themselves in this print ad for Men’s Avenue, a leading men’s apparel store in Pune. Men’s Avenue recently launched its two- month annual discount period, Half is Happening, which is named after the half price discount offered during the period.

The Men’s Avenue brand is prominently flashed throughout the 60 days. ‘Seductive Style’, is the tag line for the campaign. The ad, released across print media, OOH, in house publicity, wall panels and posters, shows a male model donning Men’s Avenue clothing with great oomph. The stylishly perfect yet faceless male model showcases exclusive formal, casual and party wear sitting across a trendy young woman in three different versions of the ad. The woman is clearly under the spell of the unknown yet attractive man. Thus, ‘Seductive Style’!
Hues of mauve and red lend visual splendour to the campaign. Refined and glossy clothing on the chiseled bodies of the models display class. The freshly designed Men’s Avenue logo stands apart too. A strong brand preposition here that sets apart Men’s Avenue as a destination for the style conscious.

Located in the bustling commercial centre of Pune, Laxmi Road, the store attracts oodles of attention via this unique ad campaign, designed by Setu Advertising. Says Rugwed Deshpande, Creative Director, Setu advertising, “The concept of ‘seductive clothing’ for men has raised the fashion bar higher in Pune”. In a crowded and competitive market, strong branding does go a long way in establishing a people connect and Setu has surely proved it.